Miniature Zebu Facts, Temperament, Weight, Lifespan, Care, Milk

The Miniature Zebu is a miniature zebuine cattle breed established in the United States. In 1991 a breed organization was founded. India has a number of standard breeds of very small zebuine cattle, including the southern Kerala Vechur breed. These are referred to as nadudana, or "small cattle."

It was decided in the United States in 1991 that it would be beneficial to have a miniature zebu breed registry, with the intention of creating a new type of zebu. At the time, 23 American zoos housed small zebuine cattle, while another 50 private owners kept them. Initially, the parent stock was imported from Brazil, Sweden, and the Dominican Republic. The total number of animals registered in 2016 was around 6,200.

    Miniature Zebu Facts

    The only commonly occurring miniature breed of cattle is the Miniature Zebu. Miniature Zebu’s have always been a small, normal breed, not the consequence of dwarfism or genetic abnormalities. Zebu miniatures are not Brahman miniatures. Indeed, Brahmans were crossbred to produce larger animals from the original bos indicus lines. With a few variations, miniature zebu cattle mimic Brahman cattle. The ears are upright rather than pendulous, and the horns are tiny to medium in size.

    Male bulls are usually bigger than female cows, weighing between 400 and 600 lbs for male bulls and 300 to 400 lbs for female cows.  In adulthood, miniature Zebu’s stand 34 to 42 inches long. At the time of full growth, the animal must be under 42 inches or 3 ½ feet. A Miniature Zebu takes about 3 years to achieve maximum maturity. Black, red, tan, white, paint, and steel grey are among the available colors. Newborns weigh between 15 and 22 lbs and stand between 16 and 18 inches tall.

    Miniature Zebu Facts, Temperament, Weight, Lifespan, Care, Milk

    Miniature Zebu Weight

    Their most distinguishing feature is their diminutive stature; miniature Zebus stand between 90 and 107 cm tall. Fully grown cows weigh between 300 and 500 lbs, while mature bulls weigh between 400 and 600 lbs.

    Miniature Zebu Lifespan

    These animal matures at a very slow rate, on average, but has a life span of over 18 years. Additionally, they are said to possess a high level of tolerance to disease, ticks, and bloat. Additionally, they are impervious to flies, owing to their active sub-dermal twitches.

    Miniature Zebu Temperament

    Miniature Zebu’s are smart, compassionate, simple to handle, placid, highly social, and enjoy being in clusters. The animals live together in harmony, sharing their pastureland with one another. Miniature Zebu’s are small enough to be managed by boys and are ideal for families with limited land. They're adorable and useful.

    Miniature Zebu Care

    The Miniature Zebu's ancestors make them adaptable to being grown in warm or hot climates. They enjoy the daylight but can survive in the cold. They need protection during the cold season or in any extreme cold situation.

    Miniature Zebu Milk

    On a daily basis, an average Miniature Zebu cow can yield 4-6 liters of nutritious and easy-to-digest milk. Milk from miniature Zebu’s contains A2 protein. That is the original Beta Casin Protein, which was found prior to the appearance of A1 in European livestock 1000 years ago as a result of a genetic variation. It also contains a lot of butterfat.

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