Norwegian Red Cattle Temperament, Facts, Milk Production, Uses

Norwegian Red is a milking cattle breed that has been raised in Norway since 1935. Breeders have put a high emphasis on functional and production characteristics since the 1970s, leading to enhanced production coupled with world-leading quality in health and fertility attributes. Norwegian Red cows have a high percentage of naturally polled cattle and may have a red and white or black coat.

It has been chosen for a large breeding goal, with a growing focus on specific traits like nutrition and reproduction. In 1935, the Norwegian Red was crossed by a series of dairy breeds, such as the Norwegian Red-and-White, Red Trondheim, and Red Polled Østland. It became the prevalent breed in its homeland in the mid-1970s, accounting for 98% of the livestock population. Seminal fluid is supplied to over 30 countries for cross-breeding and is exceptionally influential in the United States dairy industry for interbreeding with Holstein cattle. 

    Norwegian Red Cattle Temperament

    The temperament of the Norwegian Red breed is placid and is easy to manage. They have a docile personality which allows the farmworkers to manage the herd with little effort as compared to other breeds. These cattle grow well in Norwegian climatic conditions but they can withstand all kinds of tough environmental conditions. 

    Norwegian Red Cattle Temperament, Facts, Milk Production, Uses

    Norwegian Red Cattle Facts

    Norwegian Red cattle range in size from moderate to large and have exquisite coloration. They lack the outward uniformity seen in true breeds, even though they are often red or red-pied. Norwegian Red cows are around 137 cm tall at the withers, and bulls are approximately 145 cm tall. The cows weigh near 600 kg on average. Bulls are significantly larger than cows.  The body weight of a mature bull ranges from 1300 -1400 kg.

    Norwegian Red Cattle Milk Production

    The lifespan and infection tolerance of Norwegian Red cattle are well-known. The cows are excellent milk producers and provide high-quality milk. Their milk has a protein content of 3.4 percent and a fat content of 4.2 percent. The average lactation produces equivalent to 6000 kg of milk. The breed is also excellent at producing beef.  Males lead to an expansion of 1.4 kg each day on average.

    Norwegian Red Cattle Uses

    The purpose of these animals is twofold. They are utilized for both dairy and livestock production. However, they are largely being used in the production of milk now. The breed is best in terms of profitability because it is a dual-purpose breed. Though this breed is transported to all major regions of the world but it is found mainly in Norway. 

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