Parthenais Cattle Temperament, Origin, Facts, Weight

The Parthenais have a reddish-brown coat with brownish to black around the body, eyes, ears, and jaw. The muzzle and face are lighter. The black coloration extends to the nose, hooves, and tail. Fully grown cows can weigh close to 900 kg, and bulls can weigh around 1,250 kg. Bulls have a typical birth weight of 44 kg, and heifers have an average birth weight of 41 kg.

Fullblood cattle have a strong body, are double-muscled (though not as large as Belgian Blue), and have a greater musculature ratio. Parthenaise cattle are highly profitable, productive source of excellent quality, lean meat, according to French government figures.

Fertility, uniformity, and ease of calving, and calf sturdiness are all outstanding, resulting in very high productive output, both quantitatively and by body mass; additionally, the motherly attributes and dairy outputs of Parthenais cows make sure that their calves thrive well. The Parthenais cattle thrive on a variety of soils, is adaptable to a variety of climatic conditions, and has a high level of disease resistance. They are very agile and frugal.

    Parthenais Cattle Temperament

    The Parthenaise cattle breed is among popular French beef breeds. They have a very cool temperament, are easy to handle, and produce excellent beef. These large animals enjoy grazing in grassy pastures, unaffected by the weather and adaptable to a wide range of conditions.

    Parthenais Cattle Temperament, Origin, Facts, Weight

    Parthenais Cattle Facts

    Parthenais cattle are broad, golden-brown-haired animals. Bulls and cows both have horns, which are crescent shaped. They have light eyes, faces, and relatively small muzzles.

    Their nose, hooves, and tail, however, are black. Fully grown bulls are approximately 145 cm tall, while adult cows are approximately 135 cm tall. The bulls weigh somewhere 1150-1250 kg on average. Cows have an average weight of 700-900 kg.

    Parthenais Cattle Origin

    The Parthenais cattle are a meat cattle breed indigenous to western France's Deux-Sèvres département. It originated in the heart of France, close to the Brittany border and the Charente Basin. The cattle breed took its name from the Parthenay market, which was one of the vital cattle markets of the Middle Ages. It is estimated that the Parthenais breed of cattle existed in France before the beginning of the twentieth century. The golden period of the breed was also the second part of the nineteenth century.

    The breed's French herdbook was established in 1893, and the Canadian herdbook was established 100 years later. The breed is presently available worldwide. It was exported to the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, and several other countries.

    Parthenais Cattle Weight

    Cows can weigh up to 900 kg when fully grown, and bulls can weigh up to 1,250 kg. Heifers have an average birth weight of 41 kg, while bulls have a typical birth weight of 44 kg.

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