Black Welsh Mountain Sheep Facts, Wool , Meat Quality, Lambing Percentage

The Welsh Mountain sheep, also known as the Black Welsh Mountain sheep, is a color variant of the Welsh Mountain sheep raised for sheep farming in Wales. It can be found in flocks of other colors on occasion, but it is now commonly held as a distinct strain. It is mostly found in the hills of Wales, but it is also held elsewhere, as are other Welsh Mountain sheep.

The Black Welsh Mountain Sheep is a small dual-purpose variety that produces outstanding quality mutton and thick, long-lasting wool. Fully grown ewes weigh about 100 pounds while fully grown adult rams weigh between 132 and 143 pounds. There are no breed height limitations but the majority of purebred animals are quite small, usually measuring between 20-30 inches at the shoulders. The rams have powerful horns, and the ewes are polled. There are nearly 10,000 Black Welsh mountain sheep on the planet. They live in England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, as well as a smaller community in North America.

    Black Welsh Mountain Sheep Facts

    Aside from being completely black, the Black Welsh Mountain sheep are similar to other Welsh Mountain sheep in that it is lightweight and resilient, with no fur on legs or face; rams are horned, but ewes are polled. These sheep are renowned for their easy lambing, excellent milk, and good fertility rate. 

    Black Welsh Mountain Sheep Facts, Wool , Meat Quality, Lambing Percentage

    Black Welsh Mountain Sheep Wool

    The wool is a dark black or reddish black called cuchddu. The wool is dark black, thin, lightweight, and strong to hold, with Bradford counts ranging from 48s to 56s and micron counts ranging from 26.4 to 32.69. They produce high-quality fleece which has high demand in England, Ireland, Scotland, etc. 

    Black Welsh Mountain Sheep Meat Quality

    Black Welsh provides excellent meat that preserves a mild flavor even when the mutton is older. The yields are satisfactory, with a favorable proportion of retail cuts to live weight. They are especially well-known for their capacity to yield high-quality fleece and meat on a forage-based diet with minimal or no grain inputs.

    Black Welsh Mountain Sheep Lambing Percentage

    The black Welsh are resilient, and the lambs are agile and strenuous. In the United Kingdom, purebred herds lamb at an average of 175 percent per ewe, with some herds lambing at more than 200 percent. Additionally, this breed is known for its immunity to infectious diseases. They are perfect for small holdings or cottage farms due to their ruggedness, maternal ability, and feed efficiency.

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