African Lungfish Characteristics, Size, Habitat, Care, Lifespan

It can be identified in a diverse range of freshwater ecosystems in West and Middle Africa, as well as the northern half of Southern Africa. These pre-historic species, which have remained virtually unaffected for nearly 4000 years, are occasionally considered as the "living fossils."

    African Lungfish Characteristics

    The adaptations of African lungfish are noteworthy. They have 2 lungs and are capable of breathing in air. This is an important characteristic because they reside in floodplains and on waterways that are frequently dry. To cope with this potentially fatal scenario, the lungfish secretes a thin layer of mucus that hardens into a cocoon. It can stay alive in this cocoon for up to 1 year without access to water, breathing through its lungs until rainfall replenishes its water supply.

    Additionally, the African lungfish hibernates in water. When it reaches the bottom of its watercourse, it digs 1-9 inches into the ground surface and spins in the mud to construct a bulb-shaped chamber, where it resides with its nose projecting upward. Its metabolic rate drops, and it must rely on the degradation of muscle tissue to obtain the nourishment it requires to survive. It can stay in this state for up to four years.

    African Lungfish can help push themselves forward by lifting their thin hind limbs of the bottom surface. This is most likely due to their ability to fill their lungs with air, which increases the flotation of their bodies in the water. Researchers believe that lungfish are closely associated with the creatures that were able to evolve and move from the water to the surface of the land.

    African Lungfish Characteristics, Size, Habitat, Care, Lifespan

    African Lungfish Size

    African lungfish feed on a wide variety of foods, including frogs, fish, and invertebrates, as well as tree branches and seedlings. They can reach a length of 40-80 inches and a weight of approximately 8-10 lbs.

    African Lungfish Care

    African lungfish have evolved to be able to stay alive in the water of low quality. Maintaining the proper quality of the water in your aquarium is still important, but don't stress very much about PH and temperature accuracy. Maintain a temperature of 76 to 86 ° F and a pH of approximately 7.0.

    African Lungfish Habitat

    African lungfish can be spotted in West and South Africa's wetland areas, lakes, and small rivers. These archaic creatures are generally considered the "living fossils" since they have remained unchanged for approximately 4000 years.

    African Lungfish Lifespan

    It was noticed that Lungfish live in confinement for over 20 years, but this has not been proved.

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