Langshan Chicken Origin, Temperament, Size, Lifespan, Egg Production

German Langshan is a chicken variety produced in Germany from the exported Croad Langshan. It is a sizable, sturdy breed that stands exceptionally tall. Though it is frequently raised for exhibition, it is also a useful layer and meat bird. In both America and UK, the common German Langshan is rare; however, in the latter, the bantam variety is very prevalent.

In 1969, the Croad Langshan was delivered to the United Kingdom, and then to Germany. The Croad Langshan was used in the development of the German Langshan, together with the Minorca and Plymouth Rock. This resulted in a brown-tinted fowl, which is distinguishable from other Langshan variants, which are typically identified by their white, black, or blue feathering. 

The breed is noteworthy for a variety of reasons. It's a tall chicken variety. While its height is partly due to its relatively long legs, it is primarily due to the significant depth of body that is characteristic of this breed. The breed is an excellent forager, lays a lot of eggs, and has far fewer feathers on its shanks and toes than either the Cochin or the Brahma breeds. The Langshan's bones are little in comparison to its size. It's a sturdy breed with dense feathering and very deep brown eyes.  Langshans can also fly over tall barriers.

    Langshan Chicken Origin

    Langshans are believed to have originated in China in a region across the Yangtze Kiang River, near Shanghai. The Langshan is known to be one of the most ancient breeds. The breed rose to prominence during the peak of the "hen fever" with the Cochins and Brahmas. The Langshan is smaller than the Cochin, even though they have many identical features.

    Langshan Chicken Origin, Temperament, Size, Lifespan, Egg Production

    Langshan Chicken Temperament

    This breed has very docile temperament and try to follow humans around them. They are easy to manage due to their docile personality and loving nature. However, they have strong and sturdy body which enables them to fly as high as possible and cross the fences. 

    Langshan Chicken Size

    Despite being smaller than the Cochin and Brahma, the breed is still a sizable one, with males weigh approximately 9.5 pounds and females weigh approximately 7.5 pounds. Langshan hens lay a significant number of very deep brown eggs, with a purplish hue on occasion. The breed possesses white skin, large breasts, and a lot of flavorful white meat.

    Langshan Chicken Lifespan

    They are a hardy variety with few documented health problems. Depending on their habitat, they have an average lifespan of 8 years. They have the ability to fly pretty high and have been proven to clear a 6 feet fence.

    Langshan Chicken Egg Production

    They're excellent egg layers. Large brown eggs are laid by them.They lay 200–220 eggs annually and lay continuously during the year. They begin laying eggs around the age of 26 weeks.

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