Kuhli Loach Tank Size, Care, Breeding, Food

Kuhli Loach is a fish that originates from the freshwater of South-East Asia. Cobitis Kuhli is their other name that changed to their current scientific name i.e. Pangio Kuhli. These fishes are found in both wild and fresh home water habitats. In the wild, these fishes are found under the dark shade of tropical trees that do not let light pass. In the home tank, these fishes are not very easy to keep and also not very difficult. The appearance of these beautiful fishes resembles an eel. Their body color varies from pink to yellow with dark brown markings on them. 

    Kuhli Loach Tank size

    The size of the Kuhli Loach is not considered among the large-sized fishes. These beautiful cylindrical-shaped fishes may get up to 5 inches long in a wild environment. At the time of maturity, these fishes gain a full length of 5 inches. In captivity, these beautiful fishes stay within the size range of 3 inches to 4 inches (10 to 12 cm). For this small size of Kuhli Loach, the minimum size of the tank should be up to 15 gallons for each. The ideal size is up to 20 gallons where about 6 Kuhli Loaches can live. 

    Kuhli Loach Tank Size, Care, Breeding, Food

    Kuhli Loach Care

    The Kuhli Loach fishes and their tank needs a lot of care to live a healthy lifespan. The size of the tank matters a lot. If the size of the tank is small and congested, the fish will feel suffocate and may jump out of it. So, the standard size should be met. Other than the size of the tank, the lighting should be maintained as well. The light of their tank should be dim so they could swim freely. These fishes are prone to health problems, so their water should be changed regularly to keep them healthy. The ideal temperature of the tank is 24 to 30 degrees celsius. 

    Kuhli Loach Breeding

    The Breeding of these Kuhli Loach fishes is preferred to be done in a separate tank. The conditions of the tank should be maintained to obtain optimal breeding results. The temperature of the water should be maintained with dim light. The pH of the water should be less than 6. The breeding tank should have water keeping capacity of about 10 gallons. Two male and one female Kuhli Loaches is the perfect ratio for breeding. After breeding, the parent fishes should be removed from the tank as they can eat their eggs. A lot of live food increases the chances of spawning. 

    Kuhli Loach Food

    The Kuhli Loach fishes enjoy live food as these are omnivores. In the wild habitat, the live food includes crustaceans, larvae, and live plant food. They never follow their food to be fed, instead, they wait for it to sink above the water. These fishes may survive on micro worms, artemia, grinder worms, and blood worms. They can also feed on some frozen food. Their feeding interval is 2 to 3 minutes. So, you have to feed them all day. Overfeeding of this beautiful creature may lead to death. So, the quality and frequency of feeding should be maintained keenly.

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