Dottyback Tank Size, Care, Breeding, Food

The dottyback is a fish that lives in saltwater. It is also called saltwater aquarium fish. It has very bright and attractive colors that can attract anyone. They have a very unique purple coloration that shines and changes color tone. Their hardiness and bold disposition make them everyone’s choice. These fishes are scientifically named Pseudochormis fridmani. Sometimes they are called Fridman's pseudochromis or Fridman’s dottyback. Usually, they grow about 3 inches in size. The Dottyback is a reef-safe fish breed that lives in saltwater. These beautiful fishes are everyone’s favorite because of their colorful appearance and bold attitude.

    Dottyback Tank Care

    The dottyback fishes are easy to keep. They are suitable for beginners to keep. They have great adaptability to advanced aquariums as well. These fishes are easily available from the facilities of aquaculture just like ORA. These fishes may live the maximum life in aquariums. The dottyback saltwater fish may need some extra attention because they may jump out of the water. A properly fitted lid of the aquarium should be checked to avoid their landing on the carpet. You have to focus on their diet as well. They are carnivorous, so provide them meat for their better health. 

    Dottyback Tank Size, Care, Breeding, Food

    Dottyback Tank Size

    The size of the tank matters a lot in the maintenance of dottyback’s health. A minimum of 20 gallons to 30 gallons of water are required in their tank. These saltwater fishes are small in size and enjoy swimming freely in the tank. With a greater space, these fishes feel healthy and comfortable. They enjoy exploring every inch of the tank. Just like other reef fish breeds, they are also confident to live in a tank. The dottyback fishes are mostly seen in the aquarium tanks and rarely seen in open or wild habitats. They like to play hide and seek in the tank so adding some big stone would be preferred. 

    Dottyback Tank Breeding

    The breeding of Dottyback fishes is easy as compared to many other fish breeds. These fishes are hardy and can easily be bred in captivity. Only a pair in the tank could easily come closer and mate to produce eggs. Once these fishes undergo spawning, they would like to repeat it almost every week. On the fourth night of laying eggs, the shell breaks and the process of metamorphosis takes about four weeks. Their breeding process is faster than other fishes. If you are running a business, they could benefit you. You can sell these fishes every 6 months or after maturation. 

    Dottyback Tank Food

    The food of the Dottyback fish is meat and only meat. These fishes are carnivorous and survive on meat only. You can feed them with live food, frozen food, and stored food. They like to eat at least once a day. They like to eat blackworms, brine shrimp, and Mysis shrimp. These shrimps can be frozen and served later. Food that is prepared commercially could also be fed. The dottyback fish is not choosy when eating. They could eat anything unless it is meat. Avoid feeding them with expired food because it may prove dangerous for these delicate fishes.

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