Dragon Goby Tank Size, Care, Breeding, Food

Dragon goby is an interesting fish breed that is bottom-dwelling. These fishes are also named gobyor Gobioides broussonetti belonging to the family called Gobiidae family. These fishes are perfect to be kept at home. Their belligerent face and attractive purple color make them popular among other fish breeds. They have an eel-like appearance. They are also suitable for intermediate and advanced level aquarium settings. These fishes are native to the Atlantic coast of South Carolina. They are mostly found in Brazil and Mexico. It is one of the popular and widespread fishes. These fishes require efforts to change their water regularly. 

    Dragon Goby Size

    If you want to keep them healthy and fit you should provide them with clear brackish water. These fishes require a horizontal tank that can contain at least 20 gallons of water. A single dragon goby want a 20-gallon tank size. If you want twice of these dragon gobies you may have to need at least 50 gallons of tank size. These gobies will never fight with each other if their tank is of large size. Their tank size may vary from 100 gallons to 200 gallons because a group of these gobies requires more water and a bigger tank. 

    Dragon Goby Tank Size, Care, Breeding, Food

    Dragon Goby Care

    The dragon goby fishes live in freshwater but they could not survive long in pure freshwater. They cannot live longer in freshwater and may eventually die. When these fishes are kept in freshwater they will stress out within some time. The signs of stress include their sluggish behavior and loss of color. These fishes are sold in the market under the name of freshwater dragonfish and freshwater dragon eel. If they are living in freshwater for more than 3 weeks, this is time to transfer them back to brackish water. This activity will keep them alive otherwise they will die.

    Dragon Goby Breeding

    The Dragon gobies will breed successfully at night time. It is better to not observe them while mating but make sure they get close to each other. One male fish may mate with many of the female fishes. A male fish is so good that it can be breeding over the day and night. Make sure the aquarium of these fishes is in a deep and hiding place where no one sees these fishes. They require a large aquarium for breeding. Two male fishes can easily breed with a group of female fishes when they fight each other. The adult fishes need their own houses to hide. 

    Dragon Goby Food

    Food plays an important role in the lives of these fishes. They like to enjoy frozen or freeze-dried foods that mainly include blood worms, sinking flake food, and very small snails. These fishes spend more time on the lower side of the aquarium and eat the most out of it. Their food is settled in the lower strata of their tank. That’s why these fishes eat their food quickly and moves to the superficial layer of the tank. When these fishes are in the middle and upper strata they eat flake foods and enough water that helps them to stay fit. 

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