Dragonet Tank Size, Care, Breeding, Food

Dragonet is a saltwater fish that can be kept in aquariums. These beautiful fishes add too many colors to the life of the aquarium. They are considered one of the most attractive fishes because of their colors and patterns all over their body. Their diet is difficult to maintain but not impossible. You may get to know these fishes, the rest of your life will become easy. These fishes are fond of eating and sometimes they may chew more than they need. This may cause problems. They have a long and healthy lifespan that may last for up to 5 years. Their increased diet intake makes them healthy.

    Dragonet Food

    The pods are their very favorite food in the ocean. Whenever there is a shortage of food in the tank, the fish may die. The supply of a balanced diet is a tough task for these fishes. The introduction of these fishes to the reef aquarium is very important to meet their needs. They require a constant food supply all day. When they are in the home aquarium, a variety of food can be served that mainly includes live brine shrimp and live black worms. The most important balanced diet for these fishes includes flake foods, pellets, and dried food. 

    Dragonet Tank Size, Care, Breeding, Food

    Dragonet Care

    The dragonet fish in the tank don't need any special care. The fishes grow up healthy because of the constant food supply. For their growth, the water should be changed regularly every week to prevent the pollutants. These fishes can fight easily with the tiny fluctuations in the parameters of water. There are many ways to check their health which mainly include discoloration, darting, flashing, and a loss of appetite. This beautiful dragonet species is resistant to parasites. Like other fishes, they can also get diseases that could be both genetic and adoptive. If they are provided with a poor diet, they may get ill. 

    Dragonet Tank size

    A single dragonet wants a 30-gallon aquarium maximum. The tank size is more dependent on the diet instead of their size. Live rocks are very important to keep them fed and healthy. If there is not enough space for live rocks, they may run out of food within no time. These beautiful fishes should be kept alone or in pairs because group living is not good for them. Each fish in the pair needs separate space in the tank. So the tank needs to be filled with up to 60 gallons. The food in the tank also needs space. 

    Dragonet Breeding

    Dragonet fishes, when kept in a tank, are difficult to breed. Difficult breeding does not mean it is impossible. A pair should be kept in the tank to increase their chances of mating. In the case of dragonet fishes, not all female and male fishes mate with each other. So, they should be selected wisely or you may have to change their partners as well. In terms of breeding, these fishes are very picky so adjusting their partners may take time. They usually mate at night time so keep the lights dim or preferably off. If the fishes are provided with proper food, the chances of mating increase.

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