Dwarf Loach Tank Size, Care, Breeding, Food

Dwarf Loach is a fish species that is small in size. Dwarf indicates that the size of the fish is small. It belongs to the family Ambastaia sidthimunki. It is a freshwater fish that is considered semi-aggressive. These fishes have a vigorous personality. Their care is somehow a difficult task that needs expert advice. Their appearance is eye-catching and their lively behavior is the plus point. If their tank mates and the environment of the tank have cared properly, they may easily adapt to captivity. The wild population of these Dwarf chain Loaches is decreasing with time. These fishes are bred on a commercial level because of high demand.

    Dwarf Loach Tank Size

    As the size of a Dwarf chain loach is small, so the tank required for them is also small in size. On average, these fishes require at least 30 gallons of water in the tank. In this size of tank, you can keep a group of such fishes. It would be better if you increase the size by up to 40 gallons for safety. The replication of their natural environment helps to keep them safe and healthy. The decor of their tank is important so decorating parameters require utmost attention. Their water should be well-oxygenated and clear. 

    Dwarf Loach Tank Size, Care, Breeding, Food

    Dwarf Loach Tank Care

    The care of Dwarf chain loaches is somehow difficult to maintain. You should be experienced to handle such semi-aggressive fish. Their care requirements are unique and interesting. Ignoring their care requirements means you may lose them. A finely tuned environment is their major requirement. They also need a balanced diet to stay healthy and fit. Their water tank should be maintained at an average temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. The pH level of water should also be within 6 to 7.5. The hardness of the water should be between 8 dKH to 12 dKH. 

    Dwarf Loach Tank Breeding

    The breeding of these dwarf fishes is also difficult because of their choosy nature. They are bred on an international level for the purpose of sale. These fishes are highly demanded by the public, so their breeding is done on a large scale. Hormones are also injected in both male and female dwarf loaches to obtain a high number of breeding results. In the wild, these dwarf loaches breed by traveling from one spot to another, so these hormones help to induce breeding within the tank within no time. In the wild, they lay eggs in different environments but in aquariums, it is not possible to replicate the environment regularly. So, hormone injections are used. 

    Dwarf Loach Tank Food

    Dwarf chain loaches are food lovers but they eat a small quantity of food several times a day. They stay healthy and sound this way. They are omnivores by nature and can accept a variety of food in their diet. These dwarf loach fishes are choosy with the passage of time. Trying different food sources may help. Providing them with dry palettes or flakes may work fine for them. Protein snacks or bars could also help them to stay fit and feed on all day. Fresh fruits and vegetables are also their things.

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