Glowlight Danio Tank Size, Care, Breeding, Food

Glowlight Danio is a unique beautiful fish species that is available in bright and vibrant colors. These fishes have different psychedelic patterns on their body. The colors of their body include smokey blue, ruby red, and mustard yellow. Their vibrant colors never fade away in the water and shadow. Their body is spotted and these fishes are dwarf in size. Their body is moderately round and elongated laterally. These fishes are in fusiform shape. Their fins are nearly long and homocercal caudin fin. Their mouths are terminal and females have less slimy bodies than male bodies. Female bodies are slightly deeper than males. 

    Glowlight Danio Tank Size

    The size of the tank matters a lot in the maintenance of these fishes. The minimum tank size suitable for these beautiful species is up to 10 gallons. These small-sized fishes can be kept in small aquariums as well but their best performance can be observed in the larger tank of about 20 gallons. In a spacious tank, they live freely and play. Putting some coral reefs and other colorful stones in the tank makes it more happening. A big size tank with 20 gallons of water is also suitable for their breeding. They will breed freely and a larger yield can be obtained. 

    Glowlight Danio Tank Size, Care, Breeding, Food

    Glowlight Danio Care

    The dwarf Glowlight Danio fishes are not very easy to take care of. They require proper attention and care. The pH, temperature, and decoration of the tank require attention. Their tank should be full of marble balls so that their eggs may not fall in front of their sight otherwise the parent fishes may eat their own eggs. If you have a smaller tank, the survival rate of eggs is very little compared to larger tanks. In larger tanks, the eggs settle within the spaces of the marble balls. An optimum temperature and pH of the water are required for their spawning. 

    Glowlight Danio Breeding

    The breeding of Glowlight Danio fishes is somehow difficult. They are oviparous and scatter their eggs all over the tank. These fishes undergo sexual dimorphism. The size of the females is slightly larger than the size of male fishes. Their bodies are deeper and round as well. These fishes require a deeper aquarium setting to breed and lay eggs. Intervention is necessary for the sake of fry survival. A spawning tank is a specialized tank that is established for the sake of breeding. A breeding tank should be 10 gallons to 20 gallons wide. The eggs need to hide within the stones otherwise the parent fishes will eat them. 

    Glowlight Danio Food

    Glowlight Danio fishes are omnivorous. It means they can survive on both plants and animals. Primarily, they prefer to feed on insects and larvae found in nature. In the aquarium, they like to feed on the meat first that including live insects, frozen bloodworms, mosquitoes, live or frozen shrimp, tubifex, daphnia, larvae of mosquito, and zooplankton. Other than this, they also survive on small pellets and flakes. Their bodies impart colors that are maintained by their diet. A feeding ring is best to use for their food. Once or twice daily feeding is sufficient for these dwarf fishes. 

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