Pencilfish Size, Care, Breeding, Tank Size & Care

Pencilfish is a pencil-like structure fish. Pencilfish are very small in size. When they become old, their size remains the same. They require a lot of water to live a long lifespan. Some pencil fishes have a big size. But usually, some fish's size is about 3 cm. If you measure their size, it may vary from 3 cm to 6 cm. These fishes can easily change their color every day. These pencil fishes have some beautiful colors like golden and red. These pencil fishes need a large tank to live in it. 

    Pencilfish Care

    Pencil Fishes require anyone who takes good care of them. They also require good care daily. If you can not take care of them, you should not buy these fish. These fishes need large size of tanks and also purified water in it that can balance their fins. If these pencil fishes live in dirty and chemical water for a long time, they will die soon. When you change their tank water, make sure it purifies all types of chemicals, bacteria, and other fungi. These fishes like to live in planted tanks. They lay eggs deep in the water.

    Pencilfish Size, Care, Breeding, Tank Size & Care

    Pencilfish Breeding 

    If you want to succeed in their breeding, you have to take a pair of 2 males and several females and put all of them in a large size tank. They require a lot of water, and the measurement of water may vary from 40 liters to 60 liters. When you see the female who appears to be in a round shape, it means that they are about to lay eggs. When the female fish lays eggs, you should scatter them because sometimes they eat their eggs. So that is why you should separate parent fishes in other large tanks.  

    Pencilfish Tank Size

    Pencil fishes do not like to live in small size tanks. They require a large size of tanks. Tanks also require a lot of purifying water. Their water requirements may vary from 20 liters to 40 liters. If you put them in a large tank, you would have to grow plants in them. They also need some fish by their side. Because they love to play with other fishes, they happily swim in the large tank. These fishes can not easily adjust in small size tanks. They also like to live in plants and deep water. 

    Pencilfish Tank Care 

    If you provide them with a large tank size, you should take good care of them. If you are not a good caretaker, you can hire anyone who knows about their care. These pencil fishes do not like to live in dirty water. So you may have to clean their water daily. They live a longer lifespan in clean and purified water from chemicals and bacteria. It would help if you also change their tank plants. If they live in dirty and bacterial water, it damages their skin day by day. Purified water in the tank is very suitable for these fishes because it balances their fins and helps them swim easily.

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