Peppered Corydoras Male Vs Female Identification, Breeding, Care

Corydoras paleatus, often recognized as the peppered cory or blue leopard corydoras, is a gentle catfish that is among the most popular corydoras to keep. In the home aquarium, peppered corys stay quite small, reaching a maximum size of 2.3 inches (5.9 cm). Males are smaller than females and often reach a maximum length of around 2 inches (5 cm). The usual lifespan of peppered corys is about 10 years, however this life expectancy can be increased by providing extra care.

    These fishes are the most popular in South American regions. These fishes are more available in Brazil and Uruguay than in other countries. These are mostly found in rivers and other streams, ponds, and lakes. These Peppered Corydoras fishes like to live in the oxygenated area and the top of the water.

    Peppered Corydoras Male vs Female Identification

    The main difference between males and female fishes is that the change in color. The males have many colors, and they can easily change their color per day but the females have only one color that they can not change. The female fishes are larger than the male fishes. Usually, the male fishes have a maximum size, but all the females have the same size. 

    Towards the condition of water, these fishes are highly adapted. The male fishes have larger, dorsal, and more pointed fins than the females. The Peppered Corydoras females have shorter fins than the males. The male fishes are not wide as compared to the female fishes. The shape of the female is round like a ball, whereas the males are not round in shape. 

    Peppered Corydoras Male Vs Female Identification, Breeding, Care

    Peppered Corydoras Breeding 

    Suppose you want to succeed in breeding these fishes. You have to take a pair of 2 males and a group of female fish. These fishes require a larger tank for breeding than the other fishes. They also require a planted aquarium because they spawn behind the plants in the aquarium. When they live in a planted aquarium, they become happy. 

    When you see your female in a round ball-like shape, it is time for her to lay eggs. When the female lays eggs, you should individualize the parents in separate and large aquariums because sometimes the male and female fishes may eat their eggs. At different times, these fishes spawn between the different pairs. These fishes like to eat a high quality of frozen foods. 

    Peppered Corydoras Care

    The care of these fishes is very important, which is not that difficult for anyone. The Peppered Corydoras fishes require a large tank to live a longer lifespan. The measurements of the water in the tank may vary from 38 liters to 70 liters. You should check their tank water daily because they do not like to live in dirty water. When they live in dirty, contaminated, and bacterial water, they will die soon. 

    When you change their tank water, make sure it is purified of chemicals, bacteria, and fungus. They spend much more time in the bottom of the aquarium during spawning. The dimensions of the aquarium are very important for their health. If you don't know anything about their care and can not take good care of them, you can hire an experienced man who knows everything about their care and diet. Hygiene and food control are all crucial for these fishes to survive for longer years.

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