Pineapplefish Size, Food, Bioluminescence, Tank Size & Care

The other name of the Pineapple fish is the Pinecone fish. Pineapple fishes are mostly available in the lakes, ponds, and rivers of Australia. These fishes are available in many colors. But the most common colors in these fishes are bright yellow and black. Their lower fins are black in color and they have a small tail. These fishes are small in size. Their size may vary from 5 inches to 8 inches. They have a light organ on both sides of their head. These pineapple fishes are easily adjustable in small water tanks. They have distinct marks on their skin. 

    Pineapplefish Food

    The pineapple fishes require good and high-quality food because when they eat perfect food they remain happy and fit. They have fewer health issues if a proper diet is provided. If you do not provide them good and high-quality food and do not take care of their diet then they do not become happy and will die soon. They eat food 2 to 3 times a day. The male pineapple fishes eat more food than the female pineapple fishes because the female fishes do not like to eat excessive food considering their health. Over-eating may cause trouble for them.

    Pineapplefish Size, Food, Bioluminescence, Tank Size & Care

    Pineapplefish Bioluminescence

    Bioluminescence is the process of production in which light is emitted by living organisms. Bioluminescence is the form of chemicals that’s why it is also called chemiluminescence. Bioluminescence mostly occurs in marine vertebrates, invertebrates, other fungi, and microorganisms. Bioluminescence is also available in pineapple fishes because these fishes have a special organ on their head that produces light. Bacteriogenic light is available in most animals. Bacteriogenic light is produced by the symbiotic bacteria and the light is broken by bioluminescence. Luciferin and the luciferase enzymes are present in it when the light is emitted in the process of bioluminescence.

    Bioluminescence Tank Size 

    The pineapple fishes are easily adjustable in a small tank. But these fishes feel happier and fit in large size tanks because in large size tanks their fins are balanced by the pure water. In large-size tanks, they require a lot of water and their water measurements may vary from three hundred liters to four hundred liters. These fishes usually live in large aquariums. The dimensions of the aquarium are very important for them because they like to swim in the bottom of the aquarium. These pineapple fishes also like to live in plants that’s why they require a planted aquarium. 

    Bioluminescence Tank Care

    It is very important to take care of these fishes. Their care is not difficult for any person. If you do not know anything about their care you can hire someone to take good care of them. These pineapple fishes require it primarily from their owner. Maintenance of hygienic conditions is crucial and requires a lot of attention. These fishes live a longer lifespan in pure water. You have to clean their tank water regularly. If these fishes live in dirty or chemical water, they will die soon. When you change their water make sure their water is purified by any type of chemicals and bacteria.

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