Raccoon Butterfly Fish Facts, Size, Diet, Tank Size & Care

The Raccoon Butterflyfish has many other names and the most common names that are used include Lunula butterflyfish, Halfmoon butterflyfish, and the other one is Crescent-masked butterflyfish. These fishes are mostly available in northern areas. Their shape looks like a butterfly. They have many colors but their common color is yellow. Their nose is oval-shaped and has points on it. They have black long strips on their upper skin. Their dorsal fins are in yellow and black ring-shaped circles on them. They also have pelvic and pectoral fish and their color is bright yellow. Their teeth are very sharp. 

    Raccoon Butterfly Fish Size

    The Raccoon Butterflyfishes are small in size. They require a large tank to live. These fishes require a lot of water to live a longer lifespan. Their size may vary from 18 cm to 20 cm. They do not like to live with large fish. They feel comfortable with other species who like to live in home aquariums. They do not like to live with the other butterflyfishes in the same tank. They feel happy with the other small fishes of different species. They love to play with small fish.

    Raccoon Butterfly Fish Facts, Size, Diet, Tank Size & Care

    Raccoon Butterfly Fish Diet 

    The food is very important for these fish because the food would make them strong and healthy. They like to eat good quality frozen foods. Sometimes these fishes like to eat live foods. Their babies also like to eat these types of frozen and live foods. If they eat low-quality foods they will suffer from a disease very soon. If they are suffering from any type of disease the chances of their death increase. So, you should daily take care of their diet and health. If you do not know about their diet, you should ask an experienced man who knows everything about it.

    Raccoon Butterfly Fish Tank Size

    The Raccoon Butterflyfishes require a large tank. They do not like to live in a small tank and also do not feel comfortable in it. These Raccoon fishes also require a lot of water to live a healthy longer lifespan. Their water measurements may vary from 50 gallons to 55 gallons. Their female fishes spawn under the leaves. These fishes want a planted and colorful aquarium. The plants in the aquarium make them healthy and happy fish. One couple of these fishes requires a minimum measurement of water. Their measurement may vary from 20 gallons to 25 gallons. 

    Raccoon Butterfly Fish Tank Care 

    The care of these fishes is not difficult for anyone. Everyone knows about their care and no special measures are required. These fishes do not like to live in dirty water and If they live in dirty water for a long time they may die soon. You should check their tank water daily. When you change their tank water make sure the water is purified from any type of chemical and bacteria. Bacterial water is dangerous for their skin, health, and life. They can not easily swim in dirty water. They can easily balance their fins in clean and purified water.

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