Ribbon eel Size, Breeding, Care, Tank Size & Mates

Ribbon eels are one of the most popular fishes. These fishes mostly live in salty waters. These Ribbon eels are available in many colors like black, blue, and the other one is yellow. Yellow color is prevalent in these fishes. These Ribbon eel fishes are long in length. When you measure their height from the head to the tail, they may vary from 3 feet to 4 feet. Their sense of smell is powerful. These Ribbon eel fishes are primarily found in the oceans and seas. 

    Ribbon eel Breeding

    The breeding of these fishes is not tricky. Suppose you want to succeed in breeding these Ribbon eels; it would be best if you took a pair of these Ribbon eel fish and put them in a large tank. They require a planted and black color aquarium. The female ribbon eel fish lay eggs in the bottom of the aquarium behind the large leaves. When the female fish lays eggs, you should separate the parent ribbon eels. 

    Ribbon eel Size, Breeding, Care, Tank Size & Mates

    Ribbon eel Care

    The maintenance of these fishes is not complex for anyone. If you do not know about the care of these Ribbon eel fishes, you should hire a man who knows everything about the care of these Ribbon eel fishes. These fishes like to live in fresh and saltwater to live longer. If you do not check their tank water, they will die soon. You should evaluate their tank water daily and also change their water. When you change their tank water, make sure it is purified of any chemicals and bacteria. 

    Ribbon eel Tank Size

    These Ribbon eel fishes like to live in large tanks because they are sizeable. Their structure is like a snake and swims like a snake. They require a lot of water to live a longer lifespan. Their water measurements may vary from 50 to 55 gallons. These measurements are enough for the small ribbon eels. The giant ribbon eels and pair of fishes require maximum water to live. Their tank size may vary from 75 gallons to 90 gallons. If you do not provide the ultimate water level, they will not feel comfortable in the small tank.

    Ribbon eel Tank Mates 

    These Ribbon eel fishes are large, and they also like to play with the large fishes who look like them. Sometimes these fish feel comfortable with small fishes because they mostly remain hidden in the cave within the aquarium. Sometimes fellow small fishes are eaten by these Ribbon eels instead of food. That is why you should not take a risk and do not put tiny fish in the same tank. They feel happy and fit when they swim and play with giant fish. They can easily float in a large tank with a lot of plants.

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