Scissortail Rasbora Size, Breeding, Care, Tank Size & Mates

Scissortail rasbora is a fish found in the freshwater of rivers, lakes, and ponds. These Scissortail rasbora fishes have fork-like structured tails. They have white, black, or both round shaped circles on their body that look very attractive. They also have horizontal colored bars on their body. These fishes like to spend a lot of time in the freshwater. The size of Scissortail rasbora fishes varies from small to medium. Their size may vary from 4 inches to 5 inches. These fishes do not grow more than these inches. In some places, these fishes are named by three-lined rasbora. 

    Scissortail Rasbora Breeding

    The breeding of these Scissortail rasbora fishes is not difficult. If you want to succeed in breeding these Scissortail rasbora fishes, take a pair of male and a group of female Scissortail rasbora and put them in the large tank. If these fishes come close to each other even for a short time, you should leave them alone. After a day, you can peep through if the Scissortail rasbora female fishes have laid eggs in their tank. When these fishes lay eggs, they hide them behind the rocks. They require large and low-light aquariums. 

    Scissortail Rasbora Size, Breeding, Care, Tank Size & Mates

    Scissortail Rasbora Care

    Care is very important for the life of every living organism. These Scissortail rasbora fishes are likely to live in freshwater and probably live a longer lifespan in the freshwater. These fishes do not like to live in dirty water for a long time because they will die soon when they do. You should change their tank water daily and make sure the water is purified from any bacteria, fungus, and other types of chemicals. It would be appropriate if you took them in home aquariums because they require good care daily. 

    Scissortail Rasbora Tank Size 

    The Scissortail rasbora fishes are small to medium, but they require a large tank to live because they do not feel comfortable in the small tank. These Scissortail rasbora fishes require maximum water in which they can swim easily. Their water measurements may vary from 20 gallons to 30 gallons. These measurements are enough for the pair of these Scissortail rasbora fishes. Five gallons to 10 gallons of water is enough for a single Scissortail rasbora fish. These fishes can easily swim with the help of a fork-like structured tail. These fishes do not like to live in small tanks.

    Scissortail Rasbora Tank Mates

    The Scissortail rasbora fishes are small in size, and they also love to play with the small fishes. When they do not play with the same fish who looks like them, they become bored and sad. They do not feel comfortable with the large fish and do not play with them. These Scissortail rasbora fishes spend more time with the small fishes. Sometimes, small fish are eaten by large fish instead of food. That is why small fishes do not like large fishes. It would be appropriate if you do not take a risk and take all large fish out of the tank.

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