Scorpionfish Habitat, Venom Type & Effects | Scorpionfish vs Stonefish

Scorpionfish are mostly available in the areas of the Indian subcontinent. These fishes are very commonly in the Indian markets. They are live in the Indian oceans, pacific oceans, and Indonesia. These scorpionfishes are available in many skin colors including brown, yellow, and red. Their most common and highly demanded color is orange. You should not buy these fish from the market because of their venom. These fishes like to live in large areas. They are not comfortable in home aquariums. 

    You should not take these fishes in a home aquarium if it is small because the fishes are large and hard to keep. When you measure their size from head to tail they may vary from 8 inches to 20 inches. Due to their large size, they like to live in large tanks. These Scorpionfishes live a longer lifespan as compared to the other large fishes. Their life expectancy may vary from 10 years to 15 years. They do not live longer than these years. If you put them in a small tank or with the other small fishes they do not feel comfortable in either case and may get irritated. 

    Scorpionfish Habitat, Venom Type & Effects  Scorpionfish vs Stonefish

    Scorpionfish Venom Type

    Scorpionfish is the very poisonous fish. These fishes are  dangerous for other living organisms. They have a special poisonous gland that produces venom. They can also easily survive within bacterial water because they are poisonous. So it does not matter if they live in fresh or bacterial water. If you carelessly touch these fishes you will suffer from a pain and inflammation because of their poisonous spines. It is always recommended not to take such a risk.

    Scorpionfish Venom Effects

    These Scorpionfishes are dangerous. If you touch these fishes and accidentally get bitten on your hand, you may get sick. The poison will travel throughout the body and may paralyze your limbs. These effects of their poison are very severe and majorly include aphonia, cyanosis, nausea, and arrhythmias. The treatment of its poison requires time and that could extend up to some weeks. The poison of these fishes does not easily eliminate from your body. That is why you should be careful from the touch of these fishes and do not put them in home aquariums. 

    Scorpionfish vs Stonefish 

    Mostly Scorpionfishes and stone fishes live around the rocks and also these fishes are very poisonous. The scorpionfishes can easily change their color as compared to the stonefish. The divers can more easily see stone fishes than the other Scorpionfishes in the oceans and sea. The specialty of scorpionfishes is their poisonous gland and stone fishes have dorsal fins. Scorpionfishes have happy faces and stonefish have grumpy faces. The Scorpionfishes have small eyes as compared to the stonefishes. The back fins of stonefishes are larger than the back fins of scorpionfishes.

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