Tiger Barb Size, Food, Breeding, Lifespan, Care

Tiger barb is available in the areas of Southeast Asia. These Tiger barb fishes are found in rivers, oceans, and lakes. These fishes are not common in random areas of the sea. The Tiger barb fishes are small to medium. When you measure their size from head to tail, they may vary from 2 inches to 3 inches. They do not grow more than these inches. These fishes are also available in many colors and their common colors are golden, yellow, and rose gold. These Tiger barb fishes are more sensitive than the other varieties. 

    Tiger Barb Food

    These fishes require a perfect food to live a longer lifespan. Food plays an important role in the life of every living organism. These Tiger barb fishes require a high quality of food and frozen foods are preferred. They like to eat some brine shrimp, bloodworms, and water fleas. Sometimes these fishes eat small fish instead of food that already live in the oceans. These fishes also require some proteins, vitamins, and calcium.

    Tiger Barb Size, Food, Breeding, Lifespan, Care

    Tiger Barb Breeding

    Diet plays an important role in the breeding of these fishes. The breeding of these fishes is not difficult. If you want to succeed in the breeding of these fishes you should take a pair and put them in a large tank. These fishes can not breed in the small tank. When your fish is round and the male fish come close to the female then you should leave them alone for a long time because the female fish may easily lay their eggs. These Tiger barb fishes eat their eggs if you do not separate them in the other tank after laying eggs. 

    Tiger Barb Lifespan

    These Tiger barb fishes live a longer lifespan as compared to the other fishes. These fishes mostly live a healthy life in freshwater. Their lifespan may vary from 5 years to 7 years. Both male and female fishes live the same lifespan. In the life of these fishes their care, health, and diet play an important role. In dirty water, these fishes do not live a longer lifespan. If they live in dirty water for a long time they will die soon. These fishes have some health issues. Sometimes these fishes live more than these years. 

    Tiger Barb Care

    If you do not take good care of these fishes they will suffer from any health disease. These Tiger barb fishes require good care from an experienced man. Provide them with all the basic facilities required for their survival. You should change their tank water daily. Make sure when you change their water it would be purified from any chemicals and bacteria. They do not live in bacterial water as it may harm them badly.

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