Upside-down Catfish Male Vs Female Identification, Breeding, Care

Upside Down Catfish are one of our favorite varieties of freshwater fish. These fish are ideal for novice and experienced fish keepers equally. It's no wonder that they're popular due to their distinct behavior and low-maintenance care demands.

Upside Down Catfish are one of the most unusual species you can have in your aquarium! They have some unusual behavior that isn't usual of tropical fish. These freshwater fish prefer to swim upside down rather than upright, and they spend the majority of their time doing so.

This type of behavior usually indicates that your fish is sick or dying. With the Upside Down Catfish, however, this is not the case. These fish have adapted to bottom-up swimming and spend the majority of their time searching the water's surface or nibbling on the underside of driftwood.

    Upside-down Catfish Male vs Female Identification

    They are available in the areas of Central Asia. These Upside-down catfish are mostly found in rivers, oceans, and lakes. They do not have any significant difference between males and females. The females of these Upside-down catfish are large as compared to the male fishes. The skin color of these fishes is the same in both males and females. They have a unique physique as compared to the other fishes.

    Upside-down Catfish Male Vs Female Identification, Breeding, Care

    These Upside-down catfishes are small to medium. Their size may vary from 3 inches to 4 inches. The female Upside-down catfish grow more than these inches but the male fish do not grow beyond this size. The common color in these fishes is dark brown. The color of the dorsal side of these Upside-down catfishes is darker as compared to the ventral side. They have a fork-like structure of tail and they also have three barbel pairs. They have larger eyes than the other fishes. These Upside-down catfishes also live a longer lifespan. They require a planted aquarium to live. Their size is small but they need a large aquarium. In the large aquarium, these Upside-down catfishes can swim easily and balance their fins.

    Upside-down Catfish Breeding

    The breeding of these Upside-down catfishes is difficult because they require a lot of time for perfect breeding. If you want to succeed in the breeding of these fishes, you should take a pair and put them in a large tank. The small tank is not good for their breeding. When you see that your fish are coming closer to each other, you should leave them alone for some time. These Upside-down catfishes may breed for 3 years and not more than that. These fishes lay 400 to 450 eggs maximum at one time. The process of their reproductive system is of around 50 days. You should leave them alone for 50 days when your female fish is in a round shape. They require normal pH of water for breeding. The pH of water is around 7. The temperature of the water may vary from 20 to 27Ċ.

    Upside-down Catfish Care

    if you do not know about the care of these fishes you should hire an experienced man who knows everything about their lifestyle and take good care of them. These Upside-down catfishes live a longer lifespan in the freshwater because they do not live for a long time in dirty water. You should check their tank water daily. When you change their tank water make sure it is purified and does not contain any type of chemicals and bacteria. If they live for a long time in bacterial water, they will die soon. If you take them to a home aquarium you should provide them with a planted aquarium. These fishes can swim easily in the planted aquarium because they become happy with the plants in the aquarium.

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