Geophagus Surinamensis Male vs Female, Breeding, Tank Size, Tank Mates

The Geophagus Surinamensis is the most popular and very peaceful fish. These fishes are available in rivers. These Geophagus Surinamensis fishes can be easily found in the areas of South America. They are colorful fishes. They like to live in a comfortable environment and feel pleasant in it. The standard colors of these fishes are red, green, and blue. These Geophagus Surinamensis fishes can grow to adulthood only in 2 years or three years. Their size may vary from 10 inches to 12 inches. They also live a longer lifespan as compared to the other fishes. Their life expectancy may vary from 5 years to 6 years.  

    Geophagus Surinamensis Male vs Female Identification

    The common difference between Geophagus Surinamensis male and female fishes is their color. The Geophagus Surinamensis male fishes are more colorful than the female fishes. The male fishes can quickly grow their long filaments on their fins. Both male and female fishes have the same size and live a longer lifespan. The male fish is competitive, and they compete with the other fishes and the other groups that live in the same tank. The differences are apparent when these fishes grow to adult size. 

    Geophagus Surinamensis Male vs Female, Breeding, Tank Size, Tank Mates

    Geophagus Surinamensis Breeding 

    The breeding of these fishes is very easy. Everyone can easily succeed in breeding of these fishes by following some simple tips. Their breeding depends upon their growth size and season. These fishes can quickly reproduce in flood season, which is very suitable. They require black water and some other specific requirements for breeding. When the female fish lay eggs, they may face threats from the other species. After spawning, the female fishes keep their eggs in their mouth to protect them from others. Their eggs could even fertilize in their mouth. Both male and female fishes are very aggressive with the other tank mates. 

    Geophagus Surinamensis Tank Size

    The Geophagus Surinamensis requires a large size tank to live and swim freely. The requirements of their tank depend upon their size. They also need more water to live a longer lifespan. The measurements of tank water may vary from 50 gallons to 55 gallons. This average measurement is required only for a single pair of these fishes. They would love a planted and decorated aquarium. The adults of these Geophagus Surinamensis fishes need more water than the pair. It would help if you took care of their tank size because it affects their health. If you keep them in a small tank, they will not feel comfortable. 

    Geophagus Surinamensis Tank Mates

    The Geophagus Surinamensis likes large fish in their tank because they are also large. These fishes love to play with the other groups of large fish that live in the same tank. Geophagus surinamensis like some specific species to be around most of the time, and these specific species are Guppy, Plecos, Corydoras, Cardinal Tetra, Neon Tetra, and Green Neon Tetra. Try to keep these species in the tank to make your Geophagus surinamensis happy and delightful. They may act aggressively against other species or groups of large fishes.

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