Indo Pacific Sailfish Facts, Size, Habitat, Speed

The other name of Indo-Pacific sailfish is Atlantic sailfish. These fish are well-known by the name of Atlantic sailfish worldwide. The available color of these fishes is silvery-blue, which is their standard color. The Indo-Pacific sailfishes are found in the oceans and the areas of the Pacific and Indian oceans. The abilities of these Indo-Pacific sailfishes are unique from the other fishes. They are available in the common areas and commercial markets. Human beings eat these fishes with pleasure. They are very dangerous as compared to the other sailfishes. They are also different in temperament and live longer lives. 

    Indo Pacific Sailfish Facts

    The Indo-Pacific sailfishes are unique in their behavior, temperament, and abilities compared to the other sailfishes. They have two jaws that are used for a sharp bite. Their appearance looks like a snail. The upper jaw is as long as the spear. The color of their upper jaw is silver. The lower jaw is almost the same, and their dorsal fins are also huge in size. These fishes are easily adjustable to both warm and cold water temperatures. They swim very fast with the help of their dorsal fins. They have only one pelvic fin, which is very sharp.

    Indo Pacific Sailfish Facts, Size, Habitat, Speed

    Indo Pacific Sailfish Size

    The size of these Indo-Pacific sailfishes is medium to large. These fishes are a bit smaller than killer whales. Because of their large size, these fishes can easily prey on larger fishes, including sharks and the Oscars. On average, the size of these fishes may range from 9 feet to 11 feet. These fishes are also heavier in weight. If you measure their weight, they may vary from 200 pounds to 220 pounds. These fishes keep changing their place every year in search of food and better habitat. Their good diet plays a vital role in their life, growth size, and health.

    Indo Pacific Sailfish Habitat

    Indo-Pacific sailfishes primarily found in the oceans worldwide. These fishes cannot live in one place throughout their life. They migrate every year in the summer season, which is suitable for them. These fishes also like to swim on the upper surface of the ocean’s water. Sometimes when they pair up with other species, they may also swim in the middle layer of the water. Most of these fishes spend their time with their adults. They can easily live and swim through high to low-temperature water. They can also adjust at different places of varying temperature and companions. 

    Indo Pacific Sailfish Speed

    The Indo-Pacific sailfishes move very fast as compared to the other sailfishes. These Indo-Pacific sailfishes are very strong and swim very fast. If we measure their moving speed, it may vary from 50 mph to 70 mph. If we check their moving speed in kilometers per hour, it may differ from 100 kph to 112 kph. Due to their moving and swimming speed, these fishes are unique. You can not keep these Indo-Pacific sailfishes in your home aquarium because that is unsafe for you. Because of their high speed, they must live in oceans because home aquariums are not enough for them.

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