Kitefin Shark Facts, Size, Bioluminescence, Habitat

The Kitefin shark is one of the deep ocean sharks and very strong as compared to other sharks. These sharks are found all over the world but mostly in the coastal areas of the world. The Kitefin sharks like to live in the very deepest area of the ocean. These sharks can easily prey on bony fishes because they are carnivorous. They love to eat other fishes in the ocean. The most common name of this shark is Dalatias licha. These sharks are also available in tropical and subtropical waters. These sharks are dangerous for all human beings. 

    Kitefin Shark facts

    The body structure of these Kitefin sharks is very unique from the other sharks. They have sharp and powerful teeth in their mouth. In the upper jaw of their mouth, they have 16 to 21 teeth in the upper row. The lower row of their teeth has 17 to 20 teeth. They have dorsal fins, pectoral fins, ventral fins, and unique caudal fins. The first dorsal fin is smaller than the other one. The pelvic fins of these sharks are present beside the second dorsal fin. On the back of these sharks, they have some black spots.

    Kitefin Shark Facts, Size, Bioluminescence, Habitat

    Kitefin Shark Size

    These Kitefin sharks are much larger than the other large sharks. These sharks are very different and unique from the others. When you measure their size they may vary from 5 feet to 10 feet. These sharks swim very slowly because of their huge size. The female Kitefin sharks are large as compared to the male Kitefin shark. The female size may vary from 117 cm to 159 cm, and the male size may vary from 77 cm to 121 cm. The average variety of these sharks is found all over the world. The season of their growth is autumn and summer. 

    Kitefin Shark Bioluminescence

    The Kitenfin sharks are large sized sharks which produce bioluminescence. This is the most powerful bioluminescent shark. The fins of this shark produce a vibration that is responsible for bioluminescence. They have special cells and hormones in their skin that produce light, and the color of the light is soft blue-green. The light of their bioluminescence may spread up to 6 feet. These sharks have some health diseases that may affect their vital organs. Their fins vibrate in the deepest layer of the ocean’s water. 

    Kitefin Shark Habitat

    These Kitenfin sharks mostly live in the oceans, and the most common ones are the Atlantic ocean, Eastern Atlantic ocean, Western Mediterranean ocean, Western Indian Ocean, Western Pacific ocean, and Central Pacific ocean. These sharks should not live in large tanks or aquariums because that is not suitable for them and may prove fatal for human beings. You can easily find these sharks in cold and hot water because they are comfortable in both. These Kitenfin sharks may live a happy and healthy life in the deep oceans, and the range of their depth may vary from 37 meters to 1800 meters.

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