Titan Triggerfish Facts, Size, Bite, Teeth

 In the family Balistidae, the Titan Triggerfish is the largest species found. These fishes are known to be very aggressive. The well-known common names of these fishes are Giant Triggerfish and Dotty triggerfish. These fishes are available in different colors, and their standard colors are yellow, black, and white. The color of their outer skin is yellow and white with dark black spots on it. The black and yellow spots cover all over the body. These Titan Triggerfishes live longer than the other species living in the oceans and sea. Their life expectancy may range from 10 years to 20 years. 

    Titan Triggerfish Facts

    The Titan Triggerfish like to live with reefs, rocks, and stones available in the ocean and sea. The standard colors of these fishes are green or dark gray. Their body is full of heavy scales, but they have dark centers. These Titan Tigger fishes have dorsal and pectoral fins. The dorsal fins are larger in size. They have black margins between dorsal fins and anal fins that differentiate them. They have two dorsal fins. Their small pectoral fins help them to maintain their mode of mobility. Because of their black margins between two fins, they are also called Mustache Triggerfish.

    Titan Triggerfish Facts, Size, Bite, Teeth

    Titan Triggerfish Size

    The size of Titan Triggerfishes is medium to large. When you measure the length of these fishes from head to tail, they may vary from 28 inches to 30 inches. The length of these fishes is ten times larger than the goldfishes. The male Tigger fish and the female Triggerfish are almost the same. These are also heavy by weight. On average, the weight of these fishes may vary from 10 kg to 13 kg. These Titan Triggerfishes are primarily available in an oval shape. These fishes can easily swim in the bottom of the water. 

    Titan Triggerfish Bite

    Titan Triggerfish are found in the Indo-Pacific, Australia, Fiji, Thailand, Indonesia, and other oceans and seas. If divers want to swim in these oceans and sea, the should watch these fishes for their safety. When the divers and snorkelers swim in the oceans, these Titan Tigger fishes may bite on their arms, skin, and other parts, including ears. They may leave bite marks on these parts of the diver's body. These marks on their body may cause bruises that last for about a week. 

    Titan Triggerfish Teeth

    The Titan Triggerfishes have sharp teeth, and venom is present in them. These venomous teeth cause bruises on the diver's body. If you touch these fishes and get bite on your skin, you may suffer from a critical condition. The teeth of these Titan Tigger fishes are not significant in size but are considered a danger for divers and snorkelers. Their poison is not dangerous for other fishes that live with these fishes. Their venom is called Ciguatoxin, which is very dangerous for human beings. They also have strong teeth that may pierce deep into the skin. If you get bitten, you may have a critical injury from their poison.

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