Zebra Pleco Size, Care Breeding, Tank Size, Tank Mates

Zebra Pleco is a very interesting and unique fish. These Zebra Pleco fishes cab be easily found in the areas of Rio Xingu in Brazil. These fishes are active and remain attentive in the tank. These Zebra Pleco fishes live a longer lifespan as compared to the other species. Their life expectancy may vary from 10 years to 15 years. These fishes are small to medium. They may vary from 3 inches to 4 inches. These Zebra Pleco fishes do not grow more than these inches. The full size of these fishes is around 4 inches. These fishes are a bit small as compared to the other plecos. 

    Zebra Pleco Care

    The care of these fishes is not difficult. Their care depends on their diet, habitat, and especially their tank water conditions. These Zebra Pleco fishes like to live in freshwater. Everyone is familiar with their care tactics. They require a normal temperature to live and balanced swimming. If you do not know about their care you should see help from any experienced person. These fishes will die soon if they live a long time in acidic water. You should check their water daily and make sure the water is purified by all impurities. They also require a certain level of pH to live longer and be healthy in the aquarium.

    Zebra Pleco Size, Care Breeding, Tank Size, Tank Mates

    Zebra Pleco Breeding

    The breeding of these fishes is not easy for everyone. Breeding of these fishes can only be accomplished by experienced man. These fishes may breed in the warm rainy season. Usually, the season is between July and September. These fishes require a temperature for breeding that is 80 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. The female fish will lay 15 eggs at a time. The male fish protect the eggs. Zebra Pleco female fish lay eggs in the cave which is planted in the tank. After breeding, when the babies hatch out of the egg sac, you should provide them with dry foods. 

    Zebra Pleco Tank Size

    The Zebra Pleco fishes do not like to live in large tanks. They love to swim and feel comfortable in the small tank because their size is small. They require a lot of water to balance their fins. Their water requirements may vary from 20 gallons to 30 gallons. They also do not live in messy tanks. If they live in a messy tank, they may suffer from any disease. The adults of these fishes require more water as compared to the babies. The requirements of water for adults may vary from 30 gallons to 40 gallons. These fishes live happy and remain healthy in freshwater. 

    Zebra Pleco Tank Mates

    The Zebra Pleco fishes do not live with the small group of other plecos. These fishes may live with the same small pleco species. You should take one male and a few females and put them in a tank where they live happily with each other. These Zebra Pleco fishes are non-aggressive. These fishes swim on the upper part of the tank or aquarium. If you put them in a large tank then they can live with other small species such as Guppies, Cherry Shrimp, and Denison Barbs. They also live in freshwater. Sometimes they love to play with them.

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