Zebra Lionfish Facts, Size, Care, Venom

Zebra Lionfish commonly know by many names which are Dwarf Lionfish, Fuzzy Lionfish, and Fu Manchu Lionfish. The Zebra lionfish is mostly found in the oceans and in the areas of southern Japan but mostly in the northern areas. The Zebra Lionfish live a longer lifespan than the other venomous fishes. Their life expectancy may vary from 9 years to 10 years if you provide them with proper care. The size of their tank depends on the other species as well which live in the same tank. You can easily buy this beautiful fish from any local fish market. 

    Zebra Lionfish Facts

    The Zebra Lionfish is available in a common red-brown color with thin white-colored vertical stripes on its body. The fins of this fish are covered with rows of dots. They also have pectoral fins and their colors are brown to reddish-brown or orange. The vertical bands on their body are colored uniformly. Zebra Lionfish swim very slowly. This fish attacks the invertebrates in slow motion. Usually, they prey on small fishes and invertebrates because they easily fit in their small mouths and are eaten easily. They like to live in rocky areas and also in hot water.

    Zebra Lionfish Facts, Size, Care, Venom

    Zebra Lionfish Size

    Zebra Lionfish are a bit large in size as compared to the other small fishes. They may vary from 7 inches to 15 inches. This size range is measured for the adults, not for the babies. The size of baby Zebra Lionfish is smaller than the adults and it may vary from 2 inches to 4 inches. Diet and habitat play an important role in the growth of fish. Every zebra lionfish has a different size varying with the available food and habitat. These fishes have some poisonous stings that are very dangerous. 

    Zebra Lionfish Care

    The care of this fish is not difficult for anyone. The Zebra Lionfish lives happily in saltwater. If you want to buy this fish and keep it in a home aquarium you have to take very good care of it. The Zebra Lionfish requires warm water to live a longer lifespan. You should check the temperature of their tank water regularly. The fish require 73 degrees Fahrenheit to 84 degrees Fahrenheit. You should check their water at least once a week. They cannot live in dirty water for a long time. If you cannot check their tank water within a week, try to check fortnightly. 

    Zebra Lionfish Venom

    Zebra Lionfish is a venomous fish but that is not dangerous for people. They have poisonous stings behind their dorsal fins. They use their stings for hunting the prey. They may prefer hunting at night time because that time is very suitable for them. Some people have been affected by their poisonous stings but most people show no response to their venom. They can hunt in slow motion with the use of their stings. Zebra Lionfish are less venomous as compared to the other poisonous fishes. Their stings are much stronger than their fins. Sometimes these stings help them to swim easily.

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