Delhezi Bichir Size, Care, Tank Size, Tank Mates

The Delhezi Bichir fishes are unique. Many common names have been reported for these fishes e.g. Barred Bichir, Armored Bichir, and the other one is Banded Bichri. They usually live in rivers, oceans, and also in freshwater. Freshwater is very safe for these fishes. These are available in the regions of Central Africa. You can easily buy these fish from commercial areas. These Delhezi Bichir fishes live a longer lifespan, from 10 years to 15 years. They also live a long life after breeding. 

    Delhezi Bichir Size

    The Delhezi Bichir fishes are medium to large when measured from the head to the tail. On average, their size may range from 14 inches to 17 inches. These fishes take time to grow to their maximum size. Their growth rate is very slow. They can grow 1 inch to 1 ½ inch per month. Genetics plays an important role in the definition of their size. Their care, diet, and health also help them grow their size and live a longer lifespan. These fishes may live up to 12 years, and that's a very long period.  

    Delhezi Bichir Size, Care, Tank Size, Tank Mates

    Delhezi Bichir Care

    The Delhezi Bichir fishes require special care from an experienced owner. Only an experienced owner can keep them properly at a home aquarium. If you have Delhezi Bichir fishes in the home aquarium, you should take good care of them daily. If you are busy and cannot check their water daily, assign a person to their care. These fishes also require a special diet to have cared for. You should hire an experienced person who knows everything about their care, check their water, and give them a perfect diet. Good care makes these Delhezi bichir fishes healthy and happy. 

    Delhezi Bichir Tank Size

    These Delhezi Bichir fishes require a large tank to live. They become happy and feel comfortable in the large tank. They require more water than their size. Their requirements may range from 10 gallons to 50 gallons. These requirements are enough for single and small Delhezi Bichir fish. The adult and mature fishes require more water than the small ones. The adult requirements may range from 90 gallons to 100 gallons. They do not feel easy in the small tank. In the freshwater, they can swim easily. They tend to get some health problems. If they live in dirty water, they may suffer from any disease. 

    Delhezi Bichir Tank Mates

    The Delhezi Bichir fishes also require some tank mates in the same tank. They like fish that resemble their appearance. These fishes are very peaceful, so they require other fishes around them to be peaceful. The fellow fishes do not tease them and do not even threaten their eggs. It creates a peaceful environment. The peaceful tank mates are available under Tigerfish, Angelfish, and the Polypterus Synodontis species. These Delhezi Bichir fishes like their tank mates and want to play with them. They do not want to live alone in the large tank, so always keep their tank mates with them.

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