Golden Mbuna Size, Male vs Female, Breeding, Tank Size, Tank Mates

Golden Mbuna is a very unique and peaceful fish. The common name of these fishes is Malawi Golden cichlid, but sometimes these fishes are well-known by the name of Malawi of Africa. These fishes are available in the lakes of southern parts. They like to live in lakes and freshwater. These Golden Mbuna fishes are small to medium in size. On average, their size may vary from 4 inches to 5 inches. Sometimes, they grow more than their size, depending on their environment. These Golden Mbuna fishes also live a longer lifespan ranging from 4 years to 5 years. 

    Golden Mbuna Male vs. Female

    The male and female of these Golden Mbuna fishes are different. The major difference is their size. The male fishes are larger as compared to the females. The female fishes' skin color is dark compared to the males, and their back is available in black color, but the male's back is yellow. The male fishes are highly aggressive, but the females are less aggressive than the males. They both live a longer and the same lifespan. The fins of male fishes are transparent and available in yellow, but the female does not have transparent.

    Golden Mbuna Size, Male vs Female, Breeding, Tank Size, Tank Mates

    Golden Mbuna Breeding

    The Golden Mbuna fishes are mouth breeders. Breeding these fishes is very easy, and everyone knows about their breeding. If you want to succeed in breeding these fishes, you should take one male and a group of females. When the female fish is in the process of breeding, you should leave them alone. The male fish protect their female fish and also their eggs. The female fish take the proper time for perfect and successful breeding. The female fish keep their eggs in the mouth for 3 weeks. The female fish can easily lay 10 eggs to 40 eggs at a time. 

    Golden Mbuna Tank Size

    The Golden Mbuna fishes are small, but they require a large tank to live. With more space and water, they can easily live a longer lifespan. They require a huge amount of water in their tank. The amounts of water required may vary from 40 gallons to 50 gallons. But these amounts are enough for one male and 4 to 5 females. If you want to keep more fish, two males and many females, you should provide them with a large tank full of 120 gallons to 125 gallons of water. 

    Golden Mbuna Tank Mates

    The Golden Mbuna fishes do not require tank mates in the same tank. They can manage to live alone for a long time. These fishes are aggressive towards their fellow fish. That is why they do not like tank mates. Due to their aggressiveness, they can attack the other fishes and their eggs available in the same tank. These fishes only like to play with each other. They also love to spend more time with each other. It is too difficult to take them in the other tank with the other fishes. Sometimes they specifically attack the other males in the same tank.

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