Tropheus Duboisi Size, Male vs Female Difference, Tank Size, tank Mates

Tropheus Duboisi is the most common and famous fish. These fishes are available in many standard colors, including black, blue, white, yellow, and other related colors. If you want to buy this fish, you can easily find these Tropheus Duboisi fishes in the Northern lakes and Africa's areas. The temperament of these fishes is aggressive. These Tropheus Duboisi fishes also live a longer lifespan than the other fishes. On average, their lifespan may vary from 4 years to 5 years. They can not live more than these years. They also require special care for a healthy life. 

    Tropheus Duboisi Size

    The Tropheus Duboisi fishes are small to medium in size. On average, their size may vary from 2 inches to 5 inches. They can not grow more than five inches. You can easily keep these Tropheus Duboisi in a home aquarium because of their small size. Their diet and health play an important role in their growth and development. They require special care from an experienced owner who knows everything about their care. 

    Tropheus Duboisi Size, Male vs Female Difference, Tank Size, tank Mates

    Tropheus Duboisi Male vs. Female

    The first difference between the male and female Tropheus Duboisi fishes is their size. The male Tropheus Duboisi is slightly big as compared to the females. Apparently, both male and female fishes resemble each other a lot. Their look is also very pretty. Sometimes it is hard to differentiate between them regardless of their size. The lips of the male fish are bigger than the female fish. The skin color of male Tropheus Duboisi fish is darker, but the female skin's colors are lighter. They do not have any more prominent differences in the male and female fish. 

    Tropheus Duboisi Tank Size

    These Tropheus Duboisi fishes require a large tank. These fishes can swim peacefully in a larger tank. They also require extra amount of water to live a longer lifespan. In freshwater and antibacterial water, they live their life longer than usual. The average of their water requirements may range from 55 gallons to 75 gallons. They require water according to their strength. If a group of these fish is in the tank, they require more water than the single ones. You should also check their water quality daily. 

    Tropheus Duboisi Tank Mates

    The Tropheus Duboisi fishes are different in their temperament and behavior because of their aggressive nature. They require some tank mates to spend their time. If these fishes play with their compatible match, they become happy and fit. When they live alone, they become sad and may suffer from any critical disease. The tank mates of these fishes are available as Rainbowfish, Upside-down catfish, Cyprichromis Leptosome, and the other one is Julidochromis cichlids. These are very suitable and safe tank mates for them. They also feel secure with these tank mates. They do not get any threats from them.

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