Vieja Cichlid Temperament, Diet, Care, Tank Size, Tank Mates

One of the most popular cichlid species is the Vieja Cichlid. The other common names of these species are Redhead Cichlid, Synspilum Cichlid, and Vieja Synspia. Mostly these species are well-known by the name Redhead Cichlid. These Vieja Cichlids are available in South America, Bolivia, Brazil, Peru, and Venezuela. When Vieja Cichlid is young, it is skittish and tends to dart around. Their confidence will develop as they grow. They will defend their area but are not particularly aggressive, much like larger Oscars. 

Adults lay their eggs on flat rocks that have been cleaned by them. Around 1000-2000 eggs are laid by females. In three days, the fry will hatch. They will be kept hidden under rocks or in caves by their parents until they are able to swim freely after a few days. As males mature, they will become larger and develop brighter colours. Females are also susceptible to developing a hump on their heads.

    Vieja Cichlid Temperament

    They will defend their area but are not particularly aggressive, much like larger Oscars. They like peaceful places to live and spend a lifetime. These species require a high level of care from their owner because they are choosy about their diet. Every Vieja Cichlid is different in temperament.

    Vieja Cichlid Temperament, Diet, Care, Tank Size, Tank Mates

    Vieja Cichlid Diet

    The diet of these species is different compared to the other species. These Vieja Cichlid eat a special diet. These are omnivores, and they can quickly eat meat and vegetables. They also like some frozen foods and live foods. Their diet plays an essential role in their life. When these species eat their favorite food, they become happy and fit. The live and frozen foods they eat are brine shrimp and daphnia. When these species eat their special food, they are less prone to severe or critical health issues.

    Vieja Cichlid Care

    The care of this species is exceptional. These species live in freshwater. If you have these species in a home aquarium, it would be best if you took care of their diet, health, and especially their tank water. They cannot live a long time in dirty water. You should check their tank water daily. If you cannot check their tank water daily, you should do it once a week. They are prone to some critical health diseases, which is why their care is vital. Tank care is necessary to combat health issues. Along with tank care, they also require special food and diet care for a healthy life. 

    Vieja Cichlid  Tank Size

    These Vieja Cichlids are medium to large, but they require a large tank to live. They need a large tank with a massive amount of water. They can swim efficiently and balance their fins in colossal water. The amount of water they require may vary from 120 gallons to 125 gallons. Sometimes they need more water than their basic requirements. A single species requires less water than the pair of these species. A single species requires 80 gallons to 85 gallons to live a longer lifespan. It is essential to provide the desired tank water level but if the level goes above the recommendation, it poses a positive impact on their life. 

    Vieja Cichlid Tank Mates

    These species do not want to live alone. They require some tank mates to play and spend time with them. If you provide them with their favorite tank mates, they become happy. They love to spend more time with tank mates and look forward to playing with them. Their tank mates should be peaceful and quiet. They like calm and friendly tank mates instead of fierce and aggressive friends. Their peaceful tank mates are good for them as they do not pose a threat. The names of their recommended tank mates are Silver Dollars, Angelfish, Jack Dempsey, and the others are Convict Cichlids.

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