Below the knee amputation CPT Code

A variety of medical disorders and traumatic events may call for an amputation below the knee. Candidates for the surgery frequently have extensive peripheral vascular disease, irreversible damage from infections or cancers, or serious lower limb injuries. Amputation is the most practical course of treatment when blood flow and tissue viability are reduced by diseases such as diabetes, peripheral artery disease, and osteomyelitis. Below-the-knee amputations may sometimes be necessary after traumatic events such as serious accidents or injuries sustained during combat.

    Before a below-the-knee amputation, a comprehensive medical evaluation is carried out to evaluate the patient's general health and choose the best course of action. This assessment looks at the respiratory and cardiovascular systems as well as any possible underlying illnesses. In order to guarantee that the patient's treatment is comprehensive and takes into account both their mobility goals and rehabilitation needs, the surgical team also works closely with rehabilitation specialists.

    Under general anesthesia, the surgical process for a below-the-knee amputation is carried out. In order to provide the best possible wound healing, the surgeon starts by creating an incision at the predetermined level below the knee. After that, the bones are separated, and the blood arteries and soft tissue are carefully tied up to prevent excessive bleeding. It may be possible to use cutting-edge surgical procedures like myodesis or myoplasty to enhance limb control and make prosthetic fitting easier. The procedure is completed with precise wound closure, followed by dressing and immobilization.

    Below the knee amputation CPT Code

    Below the knee amputation CPT Code 

    A below-the-knee amputation (BKA) is marked by the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code 27880. The surgical removal of a leg below the knee joint is reported using this code. The procedure may be performed for a variety of reasons, including:

    • Peripheral artery disease (PAD)
    • Diabetes
    • Traumatic injury
    • Cancer
    • Infection

    Right Below the knee amputation CPT Code 

    A right below-the-knee amputation (BKA) is denoted by the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code 27882. 

    Left Below the knee amputation CPT Code 

    The CPT code for a left below-the-knee amputation is 27880 or 27881. When a regular dressing is utilized, the CPT code 27880 is used; when an instant cast fitting is also done, the code 27881 is used.

    Revision below knee amputation CPT code

    The following CPT codes are acceptable for a revision below-the-knee amputation:

    • If a patient with a BKA (below knee amputation) needs an AKA, use CPT code 27590 or 27591 for the procedure.
    • When a low-BKA is transformed into a high-BKA, the CPT code 27886 is used for a "re-amputation."
    • CPT code 27596 represents an AKA that has been transformed into a higher AKA.
    • SNOMED CT code 609217001 for revision of below knee amputation stump.

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