CPT code for Carotid Ultrasound

Carotid ultrasound is essential for determining the health of the arteries that carry blood to the brain. Potential problems like stenosis (narrowing of the arteries), plaque formation, and irregularities in blood flow can be found and diagnosed with its assistance. Healthcare practitioners can assure accurate billing and reimbursement for these diagnostic procedures by using the proper CPT codes for carotid ultrasound.

Let's take a quick look at the carotid ultrasound process before getting into the CPT codes. Carotid ultrasound, sometimes referred to as carotid Doppler imaging, is a non-invasive imaging method that creates precise images of the carotid arteries using sound waves. The carotid arteries' anatomy, blood flow, and any potential problems can all be evaluated by medical specialists using these photos.

For the purpose of billing and documentation, medical services and procedures are identified by numerical CPT codes, or Current Procedural Terminology codes. These codes simplify the billing process and guarantee that healthcare professionals are properly compensated. 

CPT code for Carotid Ultrasound

Cpt code for carotid ultrasound

The following CPT codes can be used for carotid ultrasound:

CPT code 93880: Duplex imaging of extracranial arteries; full bilateral investigation.

CPT code 93882: Duplex scan of the extracranial arteries; unilateral or limited examination.

These codes are employed for carotid ultrasound and other non-invasive cerebral vascular artery tests. It is vital to remember that CPT code 93875 will not be reimbursed in addition to a Duplex study without accompanying documentation proving the medical necessity for additional studies.

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