CPT Code for Colonoscopy Snare Biopsy

Colonoscopy is a minimally invasive procedure in which a long, flexible tube known as a colonoscope is inserted into the rectum. With the use of a camera and light source included in the colonoscope, the doctor is able to see what's happening inside the colon and rectum on a monitor. The method enables a thorough assessment of the colon's lining, the identification of anomalies, and perhaps even the collection of tissue samples for additional investigation.

The third most frequent cancer in the world is colorectal cancer, which is quite curable if found early. Colonoscopy, which enables the detection of precancerous polyps and early-stage cancers, is regarded as the gold standard for colorectal cancer screening. Removing these polyps during the surgery can either prevent the development of cancer or boost the odds of successful therapy.

CPT Code for Colonoscopy Snare Biopsy

Polyps are tiny growths that can form in the colon. While the majority of polyps are benign, some can develop into malignant tumors over time. Using a colonoscopy, medical professionals can locate and remove polyps, lowering the likelihood of subsequent issues. Colonoscopy also aids in the early detection and treatment of other illnesses such as diverticulosis, diverticulitis, and ulcerative colitis.

    Colonoscopy with clip placement cpt code

    There are no distinct CPT codes for endoscopic tissue marking with a clip, hence the process defaults to an unlisted procedure code for the location in which the clip is placed (e.g., 44799). 

    But under specific conditions, there are some codes that could be used to clip placement. 

    For instance, the procedure might be categorized as 45382 if the clip is being inserted to control bleeding. 

    The code 45334 may be used if endoscopic stent insertion is part of the colonoscopy procedure. 

    Colonoscopy with snare cpt code

    Colonoscopy with snare polypectomy is designated by the CPT code 45385. Adding modifier 33 to the CPT code indicates that the procedure is a preventive screening.

    Hemostatic clips colonoscopy cpt code

    The CPT code for a colonoscopy with hemoclip is not specific and defaults to an unlisted procedure code for the location of the hemoclip. 

    However, the following similar codes can be applied:

    Colonoscopy with removal of any tumors, polyps, or other lesions using the snare technique is coded as 45385.

    45382: Colonoscopy with bleeding control, any technique

    Routine colonoscopy procedure cpt code

    Use CPT code 45378 for commercial and Medicaid patients (Colonoscopy, flexible, proximal to splenic flexure; diagnostic, with or without specimen(s) by brushing or washing, with or without colon decompression).

    Colonoscopy with snare polypectomy cpt code

    During a colonoscopy with a snare polypectomy, a doctor uses a snare technique to remove a polyp from the colon. To document this procedure, apply the following CPT codes:

    Colonoscopy with snare technique removal of any tumors, polyps, or other lesions is coded as 45385.

    Modifier 33: To denote that the procedure was a preventive screening procedure, a modifier should be added to the CPT code 45385.

    Modifier PT: To denote that the patient is a Medicare beneficiary, add this modifier to CPT code 45385.

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