CPT Code for Wound Vac Placement

Using negative pressure therapy, Wound Vac insertion is a medical procedure that promotes wound healing. It is a cutting-edge method that has transformed wound care and provides a wealth of advantages for patients. 

What is Wound Vac Placement?

Wound Vac insertion, commonly referred to as Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT), is a method for speeding up the healing process of wounds. In order to remove extra fluid, minimize swelling, and promote blood flow, it entails applying a specific vacuum dressing to the wound site. This speeds up the healing process and aids in the development of granulation tissue.

How Does Wound Vac Placement Work?

A vacuum-sealed dressing is placed over the wound region during wound vacuum placement. A foam or gauze layer in close contact with the wound, a tubing system, and a canister that collects wound exudate make up the dressing. The vacuum system's negative pressure eliminates extra fluid, increases blood flow, and inhibits bacterial colonization. This carefully regulated environment encourages the development of healthy tissue, hastening the healing of wounds.

CPT Code for Wound Vac Placement

Wound Vac Placement CPT Code

The information about the CPT codes for placing a wound vac is as follows:

97605 and 97606: These codes are used to insert a non-disposable wound vac device. They are utilized when negative-pressure wound therapy is the only procedure carried out (such as when a wound vacuum is applied to an open wound).

97607 and 97608: These codes are used if the wound vac is disposable. They are used to document the usage of negative pressure wound treatment (NPWT) with disposable medical equipment. 

The wound size, which might be higher than 50 sq cm or less than or equal to 50 sq cm, further distinguishes the codes.

Note that the type of wound vac equipment used and the size of the wound determine the right CPT code to apply. Additionally, in order to support payment for certain codes, documentation of the entire wound surface area is required.

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