Microdacyn Uses, Wound Care, Availability, Price | Microdacyn vs. Prontosan

Microdacyn is a family of wound care products intended to promote healing and treat infections without the use of antibiotics or chemicals. Liquids and gels of the Microdacyn wound care family contain oxidizing chemicals that resemble those made by immune system cells.

    What is Microdacyn?

    Microdacyn is a state-of-the-art wound care solution designed to promote wound healing while preventing and treating infections. This is a pH-neutral solution based on hypochlorous acid that is non-cytotoxic. Microdacyn performs exceptionally well in wound care because of its makeup, which enables it to replicate the body's natural antimicrobial agents.

    Microdacyn Uses, Wound Care, Availability, Price  Microdacyn vs. Prontosan


    Numerous applications in health care make use of microdacyn. It is best known for its use in wound care. It not only promotes faster wound healing but also lowers the danger of infection, making it a useful asset in hospital settings. In addition, Microdacyn is used in other fields and its antibacterial qualities are used to treat a variety of disorders in ophthalmology, dermatology, and gynecology.

    Wound Care

    The Microdacyn wound care solution can be used as follows:

    Apply Microdacyn directly to the wound: Apply an excessive amount of Microdacyn to the wound by spraying, pouring, or washing it in until it is completely saturated.

    Soak the wound with Microdacyn: For more severe wounds, apply a Microdacyn-soaked dressing to the wound and its edges for up to 15 minutes.

    Continue treating as directed for non-healing, suspected biofilm, clinically infected, or high-risk patients like diabetics and the elderly.


    You may buy Microdacyn wound care products online and at select medical supply outlets. The following are some locations where Microdacyn can be found:


    • Diabetes Shop Australia
    • EBOS Healthcare
    • Team Medical
    • Amazon
    • Walmart


    Certain healthcare retailers may have Microdacyn wound care products, though availability may differ based on area.


    Depending on the shop and the particular product, the cost of Microdacyn wound care products may change. 

    • On Amazon, the 8-ounce MicrocynAH Wound and Skin Care Sprayable Hydrogel costs $23.99.
    • The cost of the 4-ounce Microcyn Skin and Wound Care Spray is $19.99 on Amazon.
    • Lone Star Pharmaceuticals has a 2 oz bottle of Microcyn Wound & Skin Care OTC Spray for $14.99.
    • Walmart offers the Microcyn Skin and Wound Care (250 mL) for $45.05.

    Prontosan vs. Microdacyn

    Although both Microdacyn and Prontosan are wound care solutions, their chemical makeup is different. Prontosan comprises betaine and polyhexanide, while Microdacyn is a solution based on hypochlorous acid. 

    Microdacyn is an effective antimicrobial agent because it predominantly disrupts the cell walls of bacteria and fungi. Prontosan, on the other hand, works by tearing off the biofilm that may develop on wounds, stopping the colonization of bacteria. Selecting the appropriate product for a particular wound requires an understanding of these mechanisms.

    In terms of wound care, Microdacyn and Prontosan both perform admirably. The type and severity of the wound, however, may determine which option is best. Microdacyn is frequently preferred due to its broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity, whereas Prontosan may be more suitable for chronic lesions due to its ability to disrupt the biofilm.

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