Albino Red Eyes Lovebird Male & Female, Origin, Characteristics, Price in Pakistan

  • Mutation of Peach-faced Lovebird
  • Known for unique appearance and gentle temperament
  • Popular among bird enthusiasts in Pakistan


    • Emerged in the 1960s
    • Result of selective breeding with specific genetic mutations
    Albino Red Eyes Lovebird Male & Female, Origin, Characteristics, Price in Pakistan

    Albino Red Eyes Lovebird Male & Female

    • Difficult to distinguish based solely on physical appearance
    • Both genders share the same physical characteristics

    Identification between Male vs. Female


    • Males: Exhibit dominance behaviors (singing, puffed-up feathers, strutting)
    • Females: Show nesting behaviors (chewing objects, territorial around potential nest sites)
    • Note: Behaviors can vary and aren't always definitive indicators

    DNA Testing:

    • Most accurate method for identifying Albino Red Eyes Lovebirds
    • Requires a small feather sample sent to a lab for analysis


    Feather Color:

    • Predominantly white plumage with a faint yellow or cream tinge
    • Lack melanin, the pigment responsible for bird color


    • Bright red eyes, a defining feature

    Beak and Feet:

    • Typically pale pink or flesh-colored


    • Similar in size to regular Peach-faced Lovebirds (5-6 inches in length)


    • Gentle and friendly nature
    • Suitable for both experienced and novice bird owners

    Price in Pakistan

    • Varies based on age, gender, breeding quality, and health
    • Typically between PKR 12,000 to PKR 50,000 for a pair

    Considerations Before Buying:

    Sensitivity to Light:

    • More sensitive to sunlight due to lack of melanin
    • Requires a well-shaded aviary or indoor enclosure with diffused lighting

    Special Diet:

    • May need a diet rich in vitamin A and other nutrients
    • Consult with an avian veterinarian for proper nutrition

    Breeding Challenges:

    • Breeding may pose genetic complications
    • Consult with an experienced breeder for advice before attempting breeding

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