Cheena Aseel Murga Characteristics & Price

The Cheena Aseel is a breed of Aseel chicken, known for its fighting qualities and distinct appearance. Originating from South Punjab in Pakistan, this breed is popular for its strength, courage, and aggressive nature. The Cheena Aseel is often bred for cockfighting and is recognized for its muscular build and fierce temperament. 

Cheena Aseel Murga Characteristics & Price

Cheena Aseel Murga Characteristics

The Cheena Aseel is known for its fierce and aggressive temperament, making it a popular choice for cockfighting. This breed is recognized for its courage and strength, which are highly valued in the sport of cockfighting. The Cheena Aseel has a muscular build, which contributes to its fighting capabilities. The breed is also known for its charming appearance, with long legs and a tall stature.

Cheena Aseel Murga Price in Pakistan

Cheena Aseel breed in Pakistan ranges from 25,000 PKR to 1 Lakh PKR, depending on the Purity, age, quality, and gender of the bird. It is important to note that the prices may vary depending on the location and the seller.

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