Decino Lovebird Male & Female, Mutation, Characteristics, Price in Pakistan

  • The Decino lovebird is a small and cute bird, measuring 5-6 inches in length.
  • It is a mutation easily identifiable by its distinctive appearance.
  • The Decino Lovebird is a hybrid species believed to have originated from escaped birds in South Africa.
  • It is the outcome of crossbreeding different lovebird species, leading to diverse color mutations and genetic traits.
  • Lovebirds, known for strong, monogamous pair bonding, are native to the African continent, with some species found in Madagascar.
  • The Decino Lovebird is a result of selective breeding, producing unique color variations and genetic combinations.

    Decino Lovebird Male & Female

    Physical Characteristics

    • Slight Brighter Colors in Males: Male decinos may have slightly brighter green plumage.
    • Head Shape: Males may have a slightly rounder head shape, though subtle.
    Decino Lovebird Male & Female, Mutation, Characteristics, Price in Pakistan


    Male behavior during breeding season:

    • More vocal and active
    • Initiates courtship displays and guards the nest

    Female behavior:

    • Shows interest by accepting food offerings and participating in nest building

    DNA Testing

    • Most accurate method for determining gender definitively, useful for breeding or curiosity.

    Decino Lovebird Characteristics


    • Bright green body with slight yellow tinge, especially on underparts.
    • Striking blue feathers on forehead, cheeks, and rump.
    • Red beak and eyes with dark pupils.
    • Males may be slightly brighter in color, but overall, both male and female are similar.


    • Playful and energetic, enjoy toys and interaction with owners.
    • Friendly and affectionate, known for cuddling and snuggling.
    • Social creatures, thrive in pairs or small flocks.
    • Relatively quiet compared to other lovebird species.


    • Require spacious cage with climbing and perching opportunities.
    • Varied diet of pellets, seeds, fruits, and vegetables is essential.
    • Regular interaction and socialization are crucial for well-being.
    • Breeding can be successful with proper care and setup.

    Decino Lovebird Price in Pakistan

    Factors Affecting Prices:

    • Age: Younger birds cheaper than older ones.
    • Mutation: Rare mutations cost more.
    • Breeder Reputation: Reputable breeders' birds are pricier.
    • Location: Prices vary slightly by region.

    Price Ranges:

    • Rs. 2,200 to Rs. 5,000: Common range, younger birds or from less reputable breeders.
    • Rs. 7,000 to Rs. 12,000: Birds with desirable mutations or from well-known breeders.
    • Rs. 15,000 or More: Very rare or high-quality Decino Lovebirds could be priced higher.

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