Lakha Aseel Murga Origin, Characteristics, Price

Pakistan is the home country of the Lakha Aseel chicken breed. The Lakha Aseel is recognized for its attractive and distinct appearance, with numerous sub-breeds displaying varied color patterns and traits. The breed is classified as critical due to the potential for extinction and its small population size.

    Lakha Aseel Murga Origin

    The Lakha Aseel is a chicken breed that originated in Pakistan. In Pakistan, the Lakha Aseel breed of chicken has a long history. The breed is indigenous to the Sindh and South Punjab regions of Pakistan and India, respectively. Due to its limited population size and possible extinction risk, the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy has classified the breed as critical.

     Lakha Aseel Murga Origin, Characteristics, Price

    Lakha Aseel Murga Characteristics

    The Lakha Aseel breed has the following characteristics:

    Appearance: Lakha Aseel birds are known for their distinctive red, green, and black feathers, while they come in a variety of patterns and designs. Lakha Aseel roosters are distinguished by their large tails and strong, long necks covered with long feathers.

    Hardiness: Aseel birds, such as the Lakha Aseel, are renowned for their resilience, thermotolerance, fortitude, and pugnacity.

    Sub-breeds: There are other sub-breeds of the Lakha Aseel, such as the Mianwali Aseel and Madras Asil.


    In Pakistan, the price might range anywhere from 20,000 to 50,000 rupees, according to the listings. Additionally, prices may fluctuate according to the vendor and the specific characteristics of the fowl species.

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