Lasani Aseel Murga Origin, Characteristics, Fight, Price

The Lasani Aseel is an Aseel chicken breed that stands out for its striking look and legendary fighting prowess. In Pakistan, this breed is well-liked and highly regarded for its strength and beauty. The Lasani Aseel is easily recognized by its large chest, strong body, and very upright tail. It is frequently bred for cockfighting and is well-known for having an aggressive temperament. The breed is also prized for its beauty; some individuals are bred for their beautiful feathers and royal bearing. 

    Lasani Aseel Origin

    In Pakistan, the Lasani Aseel is a rare breed of Aseel chicken. The subcontinent consisting of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka is the place where the Aseel chicken breed first originated. It is one of the oldest fighting cock breeds, recognized for its bravery and endurance. 

    Lasani Aseel Murga Origin, Characteristics, Fight, Price

    Lasani Aseel Characteristics & Fighting Skills

    Lasani Aseel is a breed of Aseel chicken that is prevalent in Pakistan and is of medium size. They are employed in cockfighting games and are renowned for their combative personality. Lasani Aseel is black with white spots on its wings and tail, has a big breast and upper body, smaller neck and legs, bosque feet and beak, and yellow eyes with a blue ring. They are renowned as neck breakers and are among the rarest Asil breeds in Pakistan.


    In Pakistan, the Lasani Aseel breed is priced differently depending on the region and the vendor. The Lasani Aseel breed typically costs around 15,000 to 50,000 rupees. 

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