Mushka Aseel Origin, Characteristics, Price

Mushka Aseel is a chicken breed and variety of Aseel chicken that is distinguished by its unique qualities and traits. Native to Pakistan and India, they are renowned for their protective and aggressive personalities. Mushka Aseel chicken are prevalent in the Mianwali region of Pakistan and are one of numerous subtypes of Aseel chickens. The breed is frequently bred for its combat aptitude and is well-known for its power and distinctive appearance. 

    Mushka Aseel Origin

    The Mushka Aseel is one of the oldest fighting cock breeds, believed to have originated in the Indian subcontinent, which includes modern-day India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. In Pakistan, this kind of chicken is well-liked and frequently utilized in cockfights.

    Mushka Aseel Origin, Characteristics, Price

    Mushka Aseel Characteristics

    The Mushka Asil is distinguished by its green-tinged black coat, gray feet, and white eyes. It resembles the Lasani Asil, but its feathers are more green in color and its feet don't have any white patches. One of the most well-liked breeds of Aseel in Pakistan is the Mushka Asil, which is raised for cockfighting.

    Key characteristics of the Mushka Aseel breed include the following:

    Color: Mushka Aseel birds are black with green spots.

    Feet: Their feet are gray with a few black and white specks.

    Feathers: Mushka Aseel birds, unlike certain other Aseel breeds, do not have white patches in their feathers.

    Mushka Aseel Price

    Mushka Aseel costs, on average, around Rs 20,000 to Rs 80,000. They  are frequently employed in cockfighting and are highly prized for their unique qualities.

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