Nawabi Aseel Characteristics & Price in Pakistan

The Nawabi Aseel, a notable breed of Aseel chicken, is well-known in Pakistan's poultry sector for its high quality and ancestry. This breed, often known as "Nawabi Line Hens" or "Nawabi Mushkay Family," is extremely popular among Aseel fans.

    Physical Characteristics

    The Nawabi Aseel is renowned for its sturdy and powerful physique, as well as its reputation for being aggressive and combative, which makes it highly sought after by enthusiasts of cockfighting. In addition to its practicality in the field of sports, the breed is also highly esteemed for its exceptional meat characteristics.

    Nawabi Aseel Characteristics & Price in Pakistan

    Unique Color Variations

    The Nawabi Aseel is characterized by its different color variations, with the black "kalay Nawab aseel" being particularly interesting. These differences enhance the breed's charm and distinctiveness.

    Cultural Significance

    In Pakistan, there is a strong demand for Nawabi Aseel among enthusiasts and breeders who are actively involved in buying and selling this breed. They place great emphasis on preserving and spreading its prestigious heritage. 


    In Pakistan, the price of purchasing a Nawabi Aseel breed is determined by a number of characteristics, including the breed's age, gender, and lineage. According to current listings, male Nawabi Aseel chickens are priced between Rs 20,000 to Rs 50,000. The variation in value is a result of the breed's widespread appeal, unique characteristics, and the significance put on preserving certain bloodlines within the Aseel community in Pakistan.

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