Ferappease for beef cattle Instructions, Withdrawal date, Applicator, Cost


      • Ferappease for beef cattle 
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Ferappease for beef cattle 

FerAppease is a product designed for beef cattle to mitigate stress and its negative effects. It contains a synthetic analogue of the Maternal Bovine Appeasing Substance (MBAS), which is a naturally occurring substance that decreases threat perception and provides comfort to calves. This product is topically applied behind the poll and above the muzzle, with different dosages for cattle over 200 lbs and under 200 lbs. It is recommended for use in various stressful situations like weaning, dehorning, castration, branding, transportation, and more.

Ferappease for beef cattle Instructions, Withdrawal date, Applicator, Cost

FerAppease Instructions

FerAppease stands out for its simplicity and effectiveness in application. Administering 5ml behind the poll and another 5ml above the muzzle for cattle over 200 lbs, or 2.5ml in each location for cattle under 200 lbs, ensures optimal coverage. Moreover, its rapid onset of action, with effects visible in about 5 minutes, allows for timely intervention in stressful situations. It is recommended to apply FerAppease approximately 24 hours before anticipated stressors, ensuring maximum benefit for the herd.

FerAppease Withdrawal Date

One of the key advantages of FerAppease is its lack of withdrawal period. Unlike many other interventions, there is no waiting period after its use, making it convenient for use without disrupting normal herd management practices. This eliminates the need for intricate scheduling and allows for flexible application, enhancing the efficiency of cattle operations.

FerAppease Applicator

The application of FerAppease does not necessitate a veterinarian's prescription or a Veterinary Feed Directive plan. This accessibility simplifies its integration into existing herd management protocols, empowering ranchers to address stress-related issues promptly and effectively. With a straightforward application process and no regulatory hurdles, FerAppease offers a user-friendly solution for enhancing beef cattle welfare.

FerAppease Cost

Cost-effectiveness is a crucial consideration for any farm operation, and FerAppease delivers on this front as well. Priced at $3.00 per head for cattle over 200 lbs and $1.50 per head for those under 200 lbs, it offers an affordable means of mitigating stress and promoting animal well-being. This competitive pricing ensures that FerAppease is accessible to a wide range of producers, irrespective of their scale of operation.

FerAppease represents a game-changer in beef cattle management. Its ease of application, rapid onset of action, lack of withdrawal period, and cost-effectiveness make it a valuable addition to the toolkit of ranchers seeking to optimize herd performance and welfare. By addressing stressors proactively and efficiently, FerAppease empowers producers to safeguard the health and productivity of their cattle, contributing to a sustainable and thriving beef industry.

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