Prevena plus 125 Guide, Wound vac, Troubleshooting, Therapy unit, Cost


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Prevena plus 125 

The Prevena Plus 125 system is an innovative wound therapy device designed to promote healing and prevent complications in surgical incisions and wounds. It utilizes negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) technology to create an environment conducive to healing by removing excess fluid, reducing edema, and promoting tissue perfusion. The system consists of a therapy unit, a dressing kit, and disposable components tailored to the specific needs of each patient and wound type.

Prevena plus 125 Guide, Wound vac, Troubleshooting, Therapy unit, Cost

Prevena plus 125 Guide

The Prevena Plus 125 Guide provides instructions for using the Prevena Plus 125 Therapy Unit, a negative pressure wound therapy system designed for managing post-surgical incisions. It helps reduce seroma and superficial surgical site infections. The therapy unit operates at a fixed negative pressure of 125 mmHg, has a 7-day lifespan, and features a rechargeable battery. It should only be applied and removed by qualified medical personnel. Special precautions regarding electromagnetic compatibility are necessary, and it's not intended for pediatric use. It should not be used with certain other therapy units, and patients transitioning to home care need a different device.

Prevena plus 125 Wound vac

At the heart of the Prevena Plus 125 system is the wound vac, a specialized dressing kit equipped with a vacuum pump and adhesive seal. The wound vac is applied directly to the surgical incision or wound site, creating a sealed environment that delivers controlled negative pressure to the area. This helps to remove exudate, reduce swelling, and promote the formation of granulation tissue, ultimately accelerating the healing process and minimizing the risk of complications such as infection or dehiscence.

Prevena plus 125 Troubleshooting

Despite its advanced technology, the Prevena Plus 125 system may encounter occasional issues that require troubleshooting. Common troubleshooting scenarios include inadequate suction, dressing leaks, or alarm notifications. Healthcare providers should be familiar with troubleshooting protocols outlined in the device manual and be prepared to address any challenges that arise promptly. Prompt troubleshooting can help ensure uninterrupted therapy and optimal outcomes for patients undergoing NPWT with Prevena Plus 125.

Prevena plus 125 Therapy unit

The therapy unit serves as the control center of the Prevena Plus 125 system, providing the necessary suction power and monitoring capabilities to ensure optimal wound therapy. The unit is compact and portable, allowing patients to receive continuous NPWT both in clinical settings and during ambulation. Advanced features such as adjustable pressure settings, alarms for leak detection, and battery backup support enhance the versatility and reliability of the therapy unit, enabling customized treatment regimens for each patient's unique needs.

Prevena plus 125 Cost

The exact cost of Prevena Plus 125 can vary depending on factors such as the supplier, geographical location, insurance coverage, and specific agreements with healthcare providers or facilities. Typically, the cost includes expenses associated with the therapy unit, dressing kits, disposable components, and any additional accessories or services required for the treatment. It is recommended to consult with healthcare providers, medical supply companies, or insurance providers for precise pricing information tailored to individual circumstances.

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