How to Train a PeekaPoo to Walk on leash

Train a peekapoo to walk on leash is the main part of training. The peekapoo dog breed is a designer breed so the qualities are according to the parent breeds but training of a peekapoo may make him differ from the parent breeds. Peekapoo is 1st trained to sit and walk and stay according to the command of his master. When peekapoo dog learns how to obey his master, he will definitely get trained in every way. He will follow the instructions of his master everywhere.

There is a special training required to train a peekapoo how to walk on leash. A proper protocol is designed to train a peekapoo about walking on leash. A collar is required to bind around the neck of peekapoo so that he get stick with his master most of the time.

While going out, try to keep peekapoo with you (closer). Train him to walk in front of you so that you can easily watch his activity. In public places, try to walk with peekapoo on the side of road. Because the more the public area is, the less peekapoo will walk confidently. Peekapoo is a small sized dog and needs proper attention in public places. The peekapoo should be confident while moving with his master. They are the protectors of the family and loves to protect their family against everything. They are the perfect partners to take out for a walk.

How to Train a PeekaPoo to Walk on leash

Try to train a peekapoo in the fence yard about leash walking. Teach him to respond to your commands. During training, give him a little treat on every step he make. Then he will work by heart to get trained. Peekapoo are trained to keep an eye on everything and be in attitude. The posture of walking matters a lot. The way a dog walks make him adorable and attractive. The peekapoo dog breed is a fusion of two royal breeds i.e. pekingese and poodle dog breed. So there is a factor of royalty in peekapoo.

So during leash training, let him walk on his own in the home ground or fence. Teach him to follow the instructions and the collar pulling. He should understand the way his master pulls his collar. Let him walk and then command him to come to you. All this practice should be 1st performed in the home and then the puppy should take out for the test walk.

During home training rewarding him will work a lot and make him understand things faster. During walk, if peekapoo tries to walk in a direction you don't want , then hold the chain of collar firmly and pull him. Consider yourself like a tree which will not move from his place and the puppy will stop. This will let peekapoo underdtand that his master don't want him to go that way.
These tips should be followed to train a peekapoo about leash walk. The peekapoo are Co operative dogs and are obedient also.

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