Best HairStyles & Haircuts For PeekaPoo

Peekapoo are small cute dogs. As they are the fusion breed of two royal breeds i.e. poodle and Pekingese. Pekingese are the royal dogs and were kept by royal families. Pekingese have long length hair coat. They have silky hair and straight in texture while poodle dog breed has silky hair but curly in texture. Peekapoo is a mixture of these two breeds and have curly long length hair on coat. The color of coat also varies according to the color of parent breeds involved in breeding. Peekapoo have lovely hair and can have different hair cut to look charming and handsome.

There is variety in Peekapoo breed related to their hair. Some Peekapoo have tight curly hair coat because of poodle dog breed and some have dominant hair texture of Pekingese, so they have looping curls, waves and even straight hair. Beside the texture of hair in Peekapoo, he requires proper grooming of their fur coat. They need brushing and combing on daily basis. A wire brush should be used to brush the fur coat of Peekapoo. Carefully comb the hair of Peekapoo in case of tight curls. This is about the grooming of Peekapoo.

Best HairStyles & Haircuts For PeekaPoo

Now we will talk about the hair cut of Peekapoo. The growth of fur coat of Peekapoo is fast as compared to other dogs. The haircut is required to cut the hair short because the longer the hair will be, more time will be required to groom the fur coat of Peekapoo. Usually people clip the hair of Peekapoo because the long length hair in the underside of Peekapoo become matte.
The only solution to avoid matte hair is to cut them off. The haircut should involve the fur of whole body to give him an even look. Usually people take Peekapoo to a groomer and give him a haircut which suits him better. Some people love to see Peekapoo in long length fur coat so they only groom and brush the fur on daily basis.

Talking about the DIY haircut of Peekapoo, two persons are required to cut his hair short. One person will hold Peekapoo at a place and the other one will cut his hair short. Try to cut his hair when he is feeling sleepy or sleeping. People can also keep Peekapoo at a place still by offering him treats. Clippers may be used to cut off the fur from half to 2 inches long. The style known as teddy bear or puppy cut is like cutting the whole body hair short by leaving long fur on face of Peekapoo as it was. Trim the hair with blunt scissors.

Usually people design the fur of Peekapoo according to their wish. Some like to see their Peekapoo resembling poodle dog so they cut the hair according to poodle hair style. The cutting of fur coat of Peekapoo totally depends on the master’s choice. He is the one to decide to whom his Peekapoo would look like.

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