PeekaPoo Maltese Mix Personality, Size, Temperament, Growth

Peekapoo Maltese mix is the fusion of two toy dog breeds i.e. peekapoo and Maltese. Peekapoo is a fusion of two royal breeds i.e. poodle and pekingees. When peekapoo is breeded with Maltese dog breed, their mix is obtained with qualities of both the breeds. Mix breed of peekapoo and Maltese is gentle and fearless breed. They are protectors of their families. They have an appearance of Noble dogs and are very friendly with everyone. They do not show any attitude while meeting new people in fact they love to meet new people around.

    Peekapoo Maltese Mix Personality

    Peekapoo Maltese mix dog has qualities of both the parent breeds like Maltese has a jolly nature and are lively personalities. They are good dogs at training. They always pick up and responds to positive things around. Talking about personality of peekapoo, they are loving and affectionate. They are playful and cute dogs with charming personality. They are hard-working and beautiful. So the mixture of these two breeds have personality traits of both the parent breeds. Their mix has beautiful personality and is very friendly. They loves food and people around them. Even their appearance is appealing.

    PeekaPoo Maltese Mix Personality, Size, Temperament, Growth

    Peekapoo Maltese Mix Size

    Size of peekapoo Maltese mix dog is about 8 to 9 inches in height. This is an average height of peekapoo Maltese mix dog. The size of Maltese dog depends on the gender of dog. There is a slight difference in height of Maltese. The height of male Maltese is 8 to 10 inches while the height of female Maltese is 8 to 9 inches. They also have minimum weight of 4 pounds and maximum weight of 7 pounds. The mix of peekapoo and Maltese should lie in between the above mentioned size range.

    Peekapoo Maltese Mix Temperament

    Peekapoo has a charming and affectionate temperament. They are not aggressive at all but when they found something offensive around them, they become aggressive and can fight against anyone. They can even fight with a truck. Maltese are socializing dogs, they are curious and playful. They love to meet new people and be around them for longer. So the mixture of these two breeds have a very nice temperament. They are playful and affectionate. They are social-able dogs and not aggressive at all. They are protectors of their family and have charming looks with very decent personality.

    Peekapoo Maltese Mix Growth

    Peekapoo and Maltese dogs, both are sensitive dogs in the initial stages of their life. In first 6 months of age, they need proper attention and protection. Let the peekapoo Maltese mix dog walk around and play within the home protected area or within the fence. When they become fully trained and become adult, then people should take them out to make them observe the outer world. As peekapoo Maltese mix dog loves to walk outside the house boundary and make new friends, so they should have a proper time in day to move out and meet new people. This will help grooming and growth of the dog.

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