PeekaPoo Weight

Peekapoo (a mixture of two parent breeds i.e. puddle and pekingees) is a small sized dog which can be kept at home easily. His small size attracts a lot which makes him look cute and generous. As he is a mixture of two parent breeds i.e. poodle and pekingees so it's characteristics resembles them a lot. When we talk about pekingees, they have varying sizes and weight. Even their height varies. The sizes and weight vary according to the height of the dogs. Same in the case of poodle dog. The weight range of the poodle dog is round about 45 to 65 lbs. When we convert lbs to kgs, it becomes 20.45 kg to 29.5 kg. The weight ranges from dog to dog according to their height. There is also a range of height in poodle dog.

PeekaPoo Weight

The height vary from 14 inches to 24 inches. When we count this in cm it becomes 35.5 cm to 45.7 cm. Poodle dog is categorized in to three main sizes i.e. standard poodle, miniature poodle and toy poodle. This classification is dependent on the size of poodle dog. Talking about the pekingees dog breed their weight ranges from 3.2 to 6.4 kgs. So mixture of these two dogs i.e. peekapoo dog has weight range from 9 to 20 pounds. The weight varies according to height of peekapoo. Peekapoo is home friendly according to his size and travel friendly because of his weight. The light weight peekapoo can be carried in hand to the take anywhere.

They can be carried in basket to the picnic points. He can easily fit anywhere in the car because of his small size. He is specific about his meal and his environment but is super friendly with his loved ones. He has protection power and can protect his family from any external harm.

The weight of peekapoo ranges from 9 to 20 pounds but the ideal weight is less than 14 pounds. He is like a small baby which can be easily carried anywhere without any hesitation. He is light weight and is a good companion. Usually people take him with them to the picnics and outing to enjoy his company. He loves his master unconditionally. He can sacrifice himself for the protection of his master. He is good with the protection factor.

Besides his small size and light weight, he has the will to fight against a huge truck just to protect his family. He is a perfect companion to keep. A complete package with all the qualities. Peekapoo is the only dog whom people wish to keep at home because of his special qualities, protection factor and most importantly his size and weight.

If the weight of peekapoo increases from 20 pounds then this is an exceptional case. Children are so friendly with this dog because they can play with him like a toy. They consider him their toy which can move and bark and play with them. Peekapoo also enjoys their company.

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