Toy PeekaPoo Size

Peekapoo dog breed is available in small size. The size of the Peekapoo is dependent on the size of parents involved in breeding. The size of Peekapoo is usually small because of small size of Pekingese dog breed but the size may slightly vary because of the poodle dog size. No matter what is the size of Peekapoo dog is, his weight is going to remain in the range i.e. 7 to 20 pounds. Peekapoo has three main sizes according to the size of poodle dog involved in breeding. The three main sizes are teacup Peekapoo, toy Peekapoo and miniature Peekapoo.

Toy PeekaPoo Size

If toy poodle dog breed is involved in breeding, then toy sized Peekapoo is obtained. Toy Peekapoo is the ideal size to keep at home for the kids. It is not necessary that toy sized poodle dog is required to breed with Pekingese for toy sized Peekapoo. Toy sized Peekapoo can be obtained from any size of poodle involved in breeding. The miniature poodle can also breed toy sized Peekapoo. This is because of the small size of Pekingese. Pekingese is preferred as a female parent during breeding on the other hand, poodle is preferred as a male parent during breeding for good results.

Peekapoo is the mixture of these two breeds. It is a specially designed dog.  The characteristics of Peekapoo are ideal to keep at home. They have protective nature that they can protect their loved ones from every kind of danger and external body. Size does not affect the qualities or characteristics of Peekapoo dog. The size of dog is dependent on genes. They are choosy in case of eating food. They are a good company to keep. Toy sized Peekapoo are very rare and are bred on demand. The selling rates of this dog are very high because of their less availability. People with good money can buy this specially designed dog breed.

Peekapoo size is friendly and can be kept in lap for hours enjoying their fur. Toy sized Peekapoo is perfect for small kids to play. Toy Peekapoo are good for the enjoyment of kids. Kids consider Peekapoo dogs their toy and get emotionally attached to them. They are hypoallergenic and the rate of shedding their fur coat is also low. So Peekapoos are kid friendly. They play with kids and also protect them from external body harm. They are loyal dogs and can fight with even a truck for their loved ones if necessary.

Peekapoos are good company to keep. Toy sized Peekapoo are active and can fit in to any corner of house and keep an eye on everything around. They can sense any negativity around very easily. They are strong like an iron. Their small size cannot be a hindrance for them to fight against anyone. They alert the house members by barking loudly. When they bark, their voice is loud enough to alert all the members of house. Usually people keep Peekapoos to protect their kids in their absence.

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